Tallulah Willis: Mom Taught Us To Love Our Bodies

Tallulah Willis credits her mom Demi Moore for having a positive body image. The 18-year-old recently let Stylelist Blogger Network into her Los Angeles home to show off some of her vintage clothing and discuss what she’s been taught.

She said of Demi, “My mom was very much like ‘Love your body, love yourself, run around naked….’ Whatever we wanted to do, it was very accepting.”

Talking about her dad Bruce Willis she says, “He’s always putting me aside saying ‘whatever you want to do we love it’ but they are overprotective. They want to keep me the baby as long as possible.”

She reveals a carefree childhood growing up in the country.

I spent the first seven years of my life running around twenty acres of trees and ponds. We had this river behind our house we would go and make mini hot springs.”

She also expressed her excitement whenever she finds things in a store.

Tallulah shares, “You walk into a vintage store and you already know there are good things there.”

Unfortunately she has friends who have eating disorders – especially ones who follow a diet craze where they don’t eat anything for a month before Coachella.

She reveals, “Everyone wants to be this weird, skinny person. It’s almost weird if you’re like ‘I love my body” everyone’s like ‘you’re conceited.’ It’s like you have to be insecure and hate yourself to be the norm. Just have fun, smile and laugh…that’s the best thing in the world.”

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Funny that mom didn’t take her own advise, tons of plastic surgery to stay young, acting like a 20 year old and starving herself. Not the best example when your perching to you girls yet your doing the exact opposite.


I totally agree – practice what you preach.


We don’t know what Demi did or didn’t get done. Also, just because parents mess up, it doesn’t mean they can’t try to have their kids avoid making the same mistakes.


Do you have eyes? She’s had A LOT of work done.


“Do as I say, not as I do.”