Ten-year-old Colombian Girl Gives Birth To Baby

They say kids are growing up way too fast these days, and today’s news about a 10-year-old Colombian girl giving birth just verifies that statement is a fact.

The young girl, whose name is being withheld due to privacy concerns, is one of the youngest in history to deliver a baby

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  • Nina D.


  • Anonymous

    That’s sad, 10-year-old should still be playing with dolls not being a actual mommy.

  • Anonymous

    Statements are incorrect.
    She is not the youngest. The youngest mother in the world was a 5 year old Peruvian girl a couple decades back.

    • Jenni

      They DID NOT say youngest. They said ONE OF the youngest, which in truth she is ONE OF the youngest.

    • del

      * Statement does not say she is the youngest. Read again: “ONE of the youngest in history to deliver a baby.”

    • Anonymous

      Yes you’re right. She’s not the youngest.

    • musiclover

      It says “one of the youngest”, not THE youngest, which makes the statement correct.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s more likely that she was abused. She’s an indigenous girl and the government have yet to figure it all out as indigenous groups have autonomy in the country so there isn’t a lot of interference. I hope they resolve the matter, but it’ll be hard to take her out of that situation if she was indeed taken advantage of. It’s sick what some people do to children.

  • Anonymous #3

    First off, Anonymous #2, it says “one of the youngest.”

    Secondly, this has to do with celeb babies how?

    • Anonymous

      Exacty right about this story not belonging on this site. Unless the girl gets a cheesy reality show, she doesn’t belong on celebrity baby site. Either it was a slow day or they wanted to cause some kind of reaction. Are people not freaking out enough about Jen Gardner’s bad fashion style or Tori Spelling not including Jack in her every fart so now they’re putting 10 year old foreign moms on this site just to point out what, sometimes kids have babies? Don’t get it. Also there’s no real info in the story like the girl’s background or her cultural situation. It’s just a quick “hey, isn’t this weird” snippet to offend Western sensibilites.

  • Anonymous

    the Youngest was a 5 year old Pervuian girl and this girl is also Pervuian
    must be the water
    you can google the 5 year old she started developing early got pregant I dont think they ever found out who impreganted her

  • Anonymous

    Sorry this one is from Colobmia not Peru My mistake

  • Anonymous

    who cares if she is the youngest? my god she is 10
    this is terrible…. so sad. and some people still saying that abortion is a crime… pedofilia is a fucking crime. wake up society!!!!!!!!! the life of this little girl 🙁 so sad…

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