Arnaud Lagardère & Jade Foret: Matching In Miami

French business tycoon Arnaud Lagardère , 51, was spotted enjoying a sunny beach day in Miami, Florida with his pregnant Belgium model partner Jade Foret, 21, on Thursday (April 12).

The couple relaxed on the beach in the morning sun and strolled down the sand in like-colored outfits. Jade wore a yellow bikini while Arnaud dressed in a yellow polo and matching yellow swim trunks.

The couple met in 2010 when they both appeared in a photo shoot in Arnaud’s country residence in Rambouillet. Apparently, Jade is roughly 4-months along with the couple’s first child.

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Photo credit: Splash News/FameFlynet


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  1. Anonymous

    look at the pic she is towering over him
    anyway well played Jade I read up on him hes is very RICH and very powerful in Europe she is 30 years Younger than him

  2. Rebecca

    He’s old enough to be her father!

  3. Heather

    OMG she has a gorgeous body!!!

  4. Anonymous

    she is 21 of course she has a fantastic figure

  5. Anonymous

    21? She looks 10 years older than that to me.

  6. Anonymous

    Like she would ever be with him if he WASN’T a business tycoon. Just another gold digger!

  7. Anonymous

    21 and pregnant already?

  8. Anonymous

    21 and pregnant already
    heres the guide book
    1 Meet $$$$$$$ rich man
    2 have SEX
    3 Get pregnant
    and be $et for life

  9. Carla

    Ok, ok, she’s probably in love with him…and, of course, her problem’s gone….

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