Billie Piper & Laurence Fox Name Son Eugene Pip

Billie Piper and Laurence Fox have named their newborn son Eugene Pip Fox. The 29-year-old English actress welcomed their baby on April 5.

Fox – who has posted a couple of photos of the baby’s hands and feet – wrote on his Twitter page: “New baba is called Eugene Pip Fox. He’s a little legend.”

On the day of Eugene’s birth the actor told followers: “One born every minute. We had our minute today. Couldn’t be happier. Beautiful boy. Everything fine.”

The couple already have a three-year-old son named Winston.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Anabelle

    Such an awful name! Eugene was the standard “dork” name in every show I watched growing up, and Pip is a pet name, and not even a cute one at that.

  • Anonymous

    Yikes. I thought Winston was bad.

  • Anonymous

    I just threw up in my mouth

  • Anonymous

    I would imagine (hope) that these parents are fans of Dickens’ “Great Expectations”– Pip is one of my favourite literary characters.

    I would rather give my child a unique name that held great personal significance to me and my partner than giving in to the peer pressure of the “100 most popular baby names” lists.

    • NYCMommy

      I would also imagine/hope that these parents are fans of Great Expectation and named him after that character. If you really love that story you must see new BBC version that just showed in US on PBS over past couple of Sunday nights. It was absolutely wonderful. My mom (big fan) even cried during show and is still talking about it days later. Eugene could be a family name as well they can call him Gene for short. I think they are both nice names.

  • Anonymous

    They live in England, you fools. Neither of these is an uncommon name here. My goodness, you ‘people’ are rude!

  • Anonymous

    I live in england and the only eugene I know off the top of my head is Eugene levy, the AMERICAN actor! As for Pip, nope, not heard of a one unless in an old novel. But it’s their choice. Our opinions don’t matter!

    • Anonymous

      Except Eugene Levy is Canadian.

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