Ken Paves on Jessica Simpson: ” She’s [Doing] Amazing!”

With the final countdown on and the act of giving birth right around the corner, it seems singer Jessica Simpson couldn’t be better.

According to her long-time hair stylist and close friend Ken Paves, the 31-year old Fashion Star mentor is “[doing] amazing,” despite the fact that she hasn’t been spotted out and about for approximately two weeks now.

“This [time] is so perfect for her,” Ken tells US Weekly. “She’s just loving this moment now.”

“[Jessica] glows all the time,” Paves gushes. “[She’s] as happy as can be!”

Ken also dishes on his baby gift for his expecting pal.

“I got her two really cool heirlooms that she can have,” he hints. “One will be in the family forever . . . and be passed on to generation after generation.”

It seems Jessica has temporarily ditched her sky-high heels for more appropriate footwear until her daughter arrives sometime this month.

“This little lady in my belly throws off my balance,” she recently told Us Weekly. “I’m flat-footed, so cute flats and ballet slippers are comical on my feet.” Instead, she’s opted for comfortable flip-flops.

“I actually had to train myself to walk in them!” she admits.

Jessica is expecting her first child with fiancé Eric Johnson.

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  1. Courtney

    well duh she’s at the end of her pregnancy and can barely walk so of course she’s not gonna be out and about. Ken should keep his mouth shut If her fans want to know how she’s doing they’ll ask her on twitter

  2. Anonymous

    Train yourself to walk in flip flops? That is plain ridiculous.

  3. Heart

    Actually it’s not. Before I got pregnant, I wore heels a lot. Once I got to a certain point being pregnant, I had to start wearing flats. I tripped more than I did when I wore heels. So it was an adjustment for me as it is for’s possible. It’s weird..but

  4. Courtney

    @Anon no it’s not when your used to walking in heels for red carpets and things as Jessica is

  5. Anonymous

    i figured she has already had the baby, but not made announcement yet.

  6. Anonymous

    i figured she has already had the baby, but not made announcement yet.

  7. Anonymous

    I was thinking that she maybe had the baby already… but I don’t think they could keep that quiet, you know? Kind of like the whole Beyonce renting out the hospital floor type of thing. I’d say maybe they had a home birth but I think she said she wants an epidural, so that kinda throws that idea out.

  8. Anonymous

    she could have already had the baby and just not had it at cedars sinai or another big hospital like everyone is expecting. when celebrities want privacy, trust me, they can get it. it’s just that 99.9% of the time – they don’t want privacy. she probably left LA and had the baby and is waiting to make a huge announcement.

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