Tom Brady & Jack: Brentwood Buddies

Football star Tom Brady stepped out with son Jack in Brentwood, Calif. on Thursday (April 12). Wearing his dad’s team shirt, the adorable 4-year-old boy walked hand-in-hand with his dad after leaving a local Whole Foods.

Though their split was a hot topic at the time, Jack’s mother Bridget Moynahan says that she and Tom have worked to maintain a positive relationship for the sake of their son.

“I never made a comment about Gisele or Tom publicly. I have a relationship with these people on a daily basis,” she said, adding, “My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love.”

Tom and wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, are parents to 2-year-old son Benjamin. They began dating when Bridget was pregnant with Jack.

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  1. Anonymous

    Jack looks more like his mom right now

  2. Anonymous

    at least tom is in Jacks life

  3. Anonymous

    Their sons name is John, not Jack….

  4. Anonymous

    Their sons name is John, not Jack….

  5. Anon

    Jack is so cute, it looks like he’s running to keep up with dad 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    Gosh, relax folks! His nickname is “Jack”.

  7. Anonymous

    the article says JACK
    anyway the point is that Tom is an involved father
    must suck to breakup and then find out pregnant but the guy has moved on

  8. Anonymous

    Involved father…as much as he can be given that Jack lives in NYC and that is where he goes to school. Next year Jack should be entering kindergarten. I wander how that arrangement is going to work – see Jack every other weekend during football season, Christmas/winter break, spring break and summer? Its a long commute from NYC to CA to do weekends.

    And yes, Tom has moved on, but so has Bridget. She has been with her current boyfriend for two years. And her boyfriend probably spends more time with Jack then Tom.

    • Rme

      Huh? Tom plays football in Boston, not California… why would he need to commute from CA to NY during football season? Not to mention, I am 99% sure that Bridget also lives in Los Angeles, which is where Tom and Gisele built their summer house.

      • Anonymous

        You didn’t read my comment carefully – I said every other weekend during football season. Also, Bridget just signed on for another season of Blue Bloods in NYC. She stated herself that Jack goes to school there. I wouldn’t be surprised if she still owns her home in CA or maybe she lives with her boyfriend by now, but her home base for now, is NYC, and that is where Jack is going to school. Since he will be entering kindergarten, I can’t imagine that Jack will be getting out to CA other than for February/winter break, spring break (which also happens to be this week for NYC which is why Jack is in CA now), and summer vacation.

        • Cassie

          I’ve nothing to comment on your posts. But your time schedules could be possibly right for the reasons already stated.
          I just want to inform that Gisele owns property in NY, Tom and Jack can spend time together in the city if they want.
          Tom shares with Gisele a property in Boston. The gigantic house in LA is owned by Gisele and Tom according to media. Gisele had other properties in LA, she sold them all. She own a big villa in Costa Rica, the family has being there a lot.

        • Anonymous

          There are many athletes who simply switch off custody during their offseason meaning their child(ren) live with them during their offseason.

          Ex: Jack would attend school in New York during August-December while living with Bridget in NY, and then attend school in California while living with Tom during January-May/June.

          That is probably what will occur.

          Ex: Brooke Burke now does 50/50 with her ex-spouse. Her children live with her 50% of the time, and 50% time with her husband.

          Jack is seen in Boston during August-December. I doubt that is going to change just because he may be in kindergarten.

          As for the Jack probably see’s McG more than Tom. You know this how? McG is a director off on location filming or scouting film locations.

          Nice that you try to marginalize the relationship between Jack and Tom. Better luck next time.

    • Anonymous


      Most athletes eventually do a 50/50 custody arrangement with their child(ren).

      They have custody of their children during January-May/June seeing their mother during Friday-Sunday on alternate weeks which is their offseason if they are in the NFL, and the child(ren) are with their mother during July/August through June with seeing their father Friday-Sunday on alternate weeks.

      I’m sure that is the custody situation that will eventually occur.

      How do you know McG’s schedule? He is a director who is usually off scouting locations, filming, work, etc.

      Nice way to try to marginalize the relationship between John and Tom. Better luck next time.

      • Anonymous

        Being in the legal profession, I can tell you that judges would never agree to that 50-50 split across the country, because it is very disruptive for a child’s emotional well being and education. That would be an exception, hardly ever the rule – less than 1% of the time. Jack doesn’t even spend 50% of his time now in CA because he is in preschool in NYC.

        • Anonymous

          That is a completely inaccurate statement. I have a cousin who lives in Delaware, and he has his two sons half the year, and the other half of the year they are with their mother in South Carolina.

          They aren’t wealthy people either.

          It depends on a case to case basis. However, with regards to athletes doing 50/50. They have more money and other resources to navigate that, and they usually go for that once the child isn’t a baby or toddler anymore.

          They aren’t always subject to the same laws as average people.

          I doubt pre-school is that important for Jack if he is spending a week in the Bahamas with Tom, Gisele, and Ben during the Patriots bye week while Gisele shot her Givenchy ads.

          Whoever wrote this article is inaccurate. Anyone reading that would think this is Mary Louise Parker and Billy Crudup.

          Neither Tom or Bridget knew she was pregnant when they broke up. When she found out he opted to stay in his current relationship with Gisele who he went on to marry.

          Custody and visitation are always subject to change.

          People always go by pictures from celeb photogs, but they don’t capture every minute of every day.

          No one really knows any of these people schedules or arrangements.

          The whole McG see’s Jack more than Tom seems to be a diss at Tom and Jack. Are you attempting to say that McG has more importance and influence over Jack than his father?

          What does Michael Bay Jr. have to offer Jack and Bridget? He’s the same sleazy character as Michael Bay. Get real.

      • Anonymous

        I doubt it. I am in education and this would be very difficult for Jack to shift from a curriculum in NYC to an entirely different curriculum in CA. Brooke Burke and her husband probably both live within driving distance of the same school. I doubt splitting time between NY and CA for school would be allowed by any judge, as it is detrimental to a childs’ well being, and his ability to make and sustain friendships.

        Besides, it is well known that Bridget has full physical custody. This past year, Jack visited Tom only for home games from Friday to Sunday; post season, Tom goes to Costa Rica with Gisele and Ben for a month, and then they’ve been on different coasts. I agree with the commenter who said that it would be likely that Tom will end up spending some time in NYC in order to see his son more. Maybe Tom will spend half his off season in NYC and half his time in CA with Gisele and Ben…

  9. Shockadelica

    Wow that’s 1 big ass 4yr old lol!! he’s almost half the height of his father!!
    And btw Mcg doesn’t direct movies all year round. He’s an executive producer for TV shows like Nikita,Supernatural… So he’s based in L.A. but he and Bridget fly back and fourth according to mags. And Mcg probably sees Jack more than we and Tom What a cutie!

  10. malia

    HATERS stop saying that Tom is not a involved parent just because Jack doesn’t live with him! Jack was born in CA,he moved to NY because of his mother’s job,but he and his mother still have a home in CA and her boyfriend lives there too.When he was in CA he used to fly to Boston with Tom’s parents during the football season and Tom still goes to CA in the off season.Now that they are living in the same coast most part of the year jack goes to Boston for every home game week(It doesn’t make sense send him there to spend time with his dad if his dad is not home,don’t you think?)and when jack is away his mom many times fly to CA to be with her boyfriend,but Mcg also goes to NY to be with her and he spends time with jack,but not that much time.The boy is in preschool but tom spends time with him during bye week(2010 in ny,2011 in the Bahamas),thanksgiving,christmas (he spends with his mom and dad because moynahan’s family lives in Mass too),winter brake and summer.I think everybody is doing a great job raising him.He has two families that love him!Stop acting like Tom is Levi and Jack is Tripp.

  11. NYC000

    Wow some of you are way too bitter specially the lady who keep saying “McG spends more time with Jack than Tom Brady” … I mean look at that picture, the boy looks fine and happy. Bridget has moved on, so has Tom but all of them, including Gisele, seems to care for the boy at the best of their abilities. Stop hating, people. Let Jack continue to grow in this big, loving, beautiful family.

    • Cassie

      Great comment.

      Tom can spend time with Jack in New York, his wife own properties in NY and she has work commitments in the city so she can spend time with Jack too.

      Nobody knows for sure how much time Tom spends with his first son. The paparazzies do not go everywhere and people base their opinions in what they photograph.

  12. Shockadelica


  13. Shockadelica

    They all spend time with Jack! including the boyfriend and step mother.
    Enough already.

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