Vanessa Lachey: “I Think About Everything I Eat And Drink”

Vanessa Lachey says she and husband Nick don’t know the sex of their baby yet but she has a cute idea on how to share the news with family and friends.

She tells US Weekly, “My sister-in-law found this great idea on Pinterest to put the colored cupcake cream in the middle. If it’s a boy, you put blue, and if it’s a girl, you put pink cream in the middle of the cupcake.”

The couple already have a name chosen for a girl but don’t have one for a boy yet.

The 31-year-old Summer Wipeout co-host shared, “We’ve been yelling them around the house to see how they sound and we call them to come to us.”

Now four months along Vanessa just wants to eat healthy.

I’m just trying to eat constantly and be aware of what I’m putting in my body and to maintain my caloric intake. . .The only gift I can give my baby right now is what I put in my mouth and how I am health-conscious about trying to stay active. I’m not going throw caution to the wind. [My baby] is actually developing and growing. I think about everything I eat and drink.”

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  • Anonymous

    Okay, what did she say wrong this time?

  • Anonymous

    She opened her mouth.

  • Anonymous

    I was overly cautious about what I ate at first too, give it a few more months & that goes out the window!

  • Anonymous

    That’s not a new idea, Vanessa. People have been doing that cake idea at gender reveal party for ages now.

  • Anonymous

    ~~~ Pregnant women are smug ~~
    Everyone knows it ~~ No one says it ~~ cause they are pregnant
    Kate Micucci YouTube video ( its hilarious )

  • Anonymous

    Nick said on “Live with Kelly” that Vanessa’s favorite girl name was Sophia/Sofia. He said he loved it too, so unless they found something they like better or they change their minds, then I’m guessing that’s her name. Nick also said his first choice for a boy was Colin. 🙂

  • Ani

    Wow, that sounds like a petty little punch towards Jessica Simpson.

    • Ebonita

      Can’t help but agree. Maybe it isn’t. But it certain seems like it.

      • NotaFan

        I couldn’t agree more. In fact I was going to post that – then saw your comment and decided to respond. Vanessa has always been over the top with everything opposite Jessica. Jess wasn’t into sports, so she is. Jess couldn’t cook, so she goes crazy cooking and baking all the time and buys stupid aprons with their last name on them. Again another jab at Jess for not taking Nick’s last name. And now the latest below the belt comment is how important it is to eat healthy and exercise and blah, blah, blah. Vanessa are you really that stupid to think your comments are not transparent? And – Nick is so whooped by her he can’t see reality. I hope she gets as big as Jessica or bigger. What a classless hoe.

  • Anonymous

    This chick grates on my nerves for some reason….

  • Anonymous

    You can always tell when Jessica Simpson’s family and friends are commenting by the unnecessarily hateful tone of their posts. Vanessa is pregnant and yet she is eating healthy, exercising, and taking good care of herself. Jessica, in tired, true, Jessica fashion, is instead opting for a self-indulgent pregnancy wherein she gives zero thought to the health and well being of her child and instead satisfies herself and her every gluttonous craving. I don’t think that any woman should feel badly about looking less than perfect during pregnancy. It’s hell on a woman’s body and I’m compassionate to that but there isn’t a reputable physician in the country who wouldn’t agree that Jessica has far exceeded the healthy weight gain line. She’s a house. A big, whale-like house. For her, her family or friends to disparage Nick and Vanessa’s happiness and quest for health just because they are embarrassed by how bad Jessica looks right now is unforgivably immature and ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      We can always tell when you are posting, Vanessa! You take every opportunity to crap on Ms. Simpson.

    • Ani

      Well, as long as YOUR tone isn’t unnecessarily hateful…calling a pregnant woman a whale and gluttonous. I pity you.

    • Devyn

      Unforgivably immature and ridiculous is your comments on Jessica’s size. It is quite possible to be annoyed by Vanessa without having any feelings about Jessica. I find vanessa extremely annoying and calling Jessica a house doesn’t change that.

  • Anonymous

    First off I’m not sure why she would annoy anyone. She’s not in our faces like Jessica Simpson. Secondly who cares about Jessica Simpson…Yes she and Nick were married at one time. They have both moved on. Nick and Vanessa are married and are having a child. Jessica is engaged and is expecting a baby. Move on people…WHO CARES.

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