LeAnn Rimes & Family: Chuck E Cheese Crew

Happy 5th Birthday Jake Cibrian!

Two time Grammy Award winner LeAnn Rimes, 29, was spotted – along with her husband Eddie Cibrian (not pictured) and step-son Mason, 8 (not pictured) – celebrating her step-son Jake’s 5th birthday at Chuck E Cheese in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (April 15). Jake’s mom and Eddie’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville, 39, was also present to celebrate her youngest son’s special day.

LeAnn took to Twitter Sunday morning to express her excitement over her step-son’s big day, writing: “It’s a super cozy Sunday morning at the Cibrian house AND Jake’s bday! Happy bday lil man. He’s the big 5 today. Party!!!”

It seems LeAnn has recently been the target of some pregnancy rumors. The star quickly threw water on the fire by tweeting to her nearly 276,000 followers, “I have never even tried [to conceive a child]. Please stop discussing my ovaries.”

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  1. Anonymous

    How much does LeAnn pay you people? Both the boy’s parents are present, and it’s LeAnn Rimes and family?

  2. Anonymous

    Did Leann give birth to Jake and Mason because both Leann and this site seem to act like Leann is their biological mother? I guess this article is to make up for that one article that they posted about Brandi a month ago.Well at least they included a photo of Brandi. You forgot to give a shout out to Lizzy, the woman who is walking necxt to Brandi’s son, Leann had a druken orgy on a balcony with Lizzy while Eddie watched during their vacation with Eddie’s boys. So how come Leann wasn’t concerned for Eddie’s boys then?
    I also find the wording of the titles quite funny, when the boys are spotted with Brandi, this site acts like Brandi is just watching them. But when they are spotted with Leann and Eddie, this site will use the word, “family” to support Leann’s “happy family” campaign.

    Of course Leann took to twitter to express her “excitement”, everyone knows that when Leann tweets stuff like this, that she is simply confirming to the paps(ie-The Dailymail) where and when to find her on Sunday with the kids. So why does the media make it sound like the paps just so happened to stumble on Leann and “her family” at Chuck E Cheeses when in reality Leann arranged for the paps to be there? Why do you think Leann showed up to a 5 year olds birthday party wearing a see through dress with no bra? So for the second year in a row, the child has been exploited on his birthday(Leann is using the child’s birthday party to kick off her two week celebration for her anniversary) and rather than call Leann out on it the media glorifies it. A more fitting title would have been, Leann Rimes exploits Eddie’s son for the second time!!!

  3. Anonymous

    It’s funny that the article included the piece about Leann lecturing people about discussing her ovaries, considering that last Friday Leann was discussing her ovaries on twitter and even laughed like a donkey when Eddie attempted to make her ovaries a topic of discussion when they walked the red carpet for ACMs and when he gave an exclusive interview to Extras last month. Oh the hypocrisy. Leann wasn’t the target of pregnancy rumors, seeing as how it’s Leann who starts up the rumors. If she wears a fake baby bump or a green maturity dress, why wouldn’t people speculate that she was pregnant?

  4. Anonymous

    The man who is walking next to the little boy is the same man who was on twitter praising one of Leann “fans” when that fan made a fake twitter account to mock Brandi. So if Leann really loved those boys, why does she continue to have people like that around Brandi’s children? Sure they are smiling, but if you see what those people have written about Brandi on twitter, these photos of Leann with the boys comes off as completely fake.

  5. Anonymous

    Ok, I’ve got to ask. I’ve been to parties at Chuck E Cheese, and sometimes, you just have to run after a kid (to prevent an accident, to stop them from doing something, whatever). How do both of these women do ANY hands-on parenting in those hideous shoes?

  6. Anonymous

    “It’s a super cozy Sunday morning at the Cibrian house AND Jake’s bday! Happy bday lil man. He’s the big 5 today. Party!!!”

    Translation: Leann is telling The Dailymail when to show up in the parking lot of Chuck E Cheeses on Sunday.

  7. Anonymous

    LeAnne gives breast implants a bad name, why are her breast implants always sagging? And how come her implants are always going in different directions like they had an argument or something? Breast implants are not supposed to look like that, right? And keep in mind no one would even be talking about her breast implants had she done the decent thing and wore a bra or at least wore an article of clothing that didn’t make it so obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She is at an establishment full of children, why did she think that wearing a sheer dress and no bra was appropriate? What did Eddie’s parents think of their daughter-in-law’s see through dress and no bra stunt? They couldn’t have thought that this was appropriate or did they just simply avoid her. What type of man is Eddie for thinking that a see through dress and no bra was appropriate for a 5 year old’s birthday party?

    Note to LeAnne: A Bra is your friend. If you are not going to wear a bra, then at least don’t put on a see through dress or a sheer shirt that makes it very obvious that you are not wearing a bra. But then again you weren’t dressing for the party were you?

  8. Anonymous

    DO you do tha on purpose to make people react (if yes it works obviously). it’s eddie cibrian and his family…. Why refer it as leann family when she is not the mother…

    • Janna

      Simple: She is the more well-known ‘famous’ celebrity. That is all sites like this care about. Ratings. There are photos of Leann Rimes and it is her family, so the headline isn’t inaccurate. If you headline the post with either of the real parents, no one would care. Headline it with Leann Rimes, and look at all the attention the post gets.

      It’s not right, but that’s the way it is.

      • Anonymous

        Wrong. Everyone knows that Leann Rimes sets up special deals with certain media outlets to cover her and post positive stories about her. Leann even said on Chelsea Lately that she and Eddie arrange photo-ops to control what the press is writing about her. Leann was tweeting with someone from this site, so we know that she gets headlines not because people will notice but because she befriends people from certain blogs or pays them to write positive things about her. Leann doesn’t bring in the ratings, hence why her album and singles flopped and why The Playboy Club lost ratings when it was revealed that she would be guest starring on the show with Eddie. It’s why Simon C made it very clear that Leann contacted him about being a judge on XFactor and that they didn’t pick her. Leann does not bring in the ratings or hits, how do we know? This site won’t even include Leann in their most popular lists. The sites that always post positive things about Leann never ever include Leann in their most popular threads or celebs list at the end of the year.

        This is not Leann’s family, those are Brandi’s and Eddie’s children. Just because Leann pays Eddie to make out with her and hold her, it doesn’t make them a family. Headling the title with Brandi and Eddie’s name doesn’t draw attention? Really because this site headlined the title with Brandi last month and that didn’t stop you from posting in it, now did it?

        Why do Leann fans always think that hits=popularity, especially when you look at the top or most popular lists on this site and you don’t see Leann’s name at all.

        What isn’t right is the fact that certain media outlets are so desperate to please Leann that they disrespect a mother in the process.

        • Anonymous

          We really need to find you a new hobby. This isn’t healthy.

          • Anonymous

            Hi Janna/NYCMommy/Grace

            Wait, why does your post sound so familiar? Where oh where have we heard this before? That’s right, you wrote the very same thing in the Brandi thread about her writing a book, you also wrote it in the Leann soccer thread, and the thread before that and the thread before. So in all honesty, it’s really YOU who needs to find a new hobby, right? How many times are you going to lecture someone when you yourself aren’t even following yout own words? So now you are just trying to save face because someone dared to point out the flaws of your “Leann is famous/popular” logic? You have made the “Leann is famous/popular” argument how many times, didn’t you anticipate what was going to happen? Why do you resort to name calling or writing posts like “get a hobby”, which can apply to you since you have already made 3 posts in this thread in just two days? It isn’t healthy how you go berserk when someone dares challenge you or you try to save face by writing posts that we have seen you write in the previous threads.

          • Anonymous

            Perhaps you should focus on finding LeeAnne a new hobby, that way she doesn’t continue to exploit a child on his birthday. It’s not healthy how LeeAnne Rhimes uses a child to keep her name and face in the press.

  9. Anonymous

    just because a person types a fake name doesn’t make it a different person, just like when people don’t bother to type a fake name- that doesn’t make them the same person.

  10. Anonymous

    That is very odd because when I pointed out that you were making all those name calling/”I hate Brandi” posts in the “Leann and family soccer” thread because those anonymous posts were showing up just minutes within one another and shared the same pattern of wording and showed up just min before/after NYCMommy was posting in another thread, what was it that you said? You said that there were many, many, many posters making posts in this thread. And now you are singing a different tune? Now your claim is that you doubt that 6 people would even care enough to make posts in these threads when just a month ago, you were arguing that it was thousands of people making posts in these threads? Do you think before you post? Of course not because if you did, you wouldn’t make a post like this when everyone saw the one you made claiming that there are thousands posting in these threads.

  11. Anonymous

    Whenever I see the staged photo-ops of Leann with those kids or her tweets about them, this article from Suburban Turmoil comes to mind: “This is not a Bonus Mom (November 2, 2011)”. Here are some good parts from that article that Leann should have practiced in regards to the child’s
    birthday party on Sunday and even today.

    “But then someone like LeAnn Rimes comes along– and, well, see for yourself
    LeAnn. LeAnn, LeAnn, LeAnn. From one stepmother to another? You are not a Bonus Mom. If we want to get specific here, you’re actually the one that ended the relationship between the real mom and dad of those “adorable Rascals.” I feel pretty certain that you are a “bonus” that those boys could have done without. Your war of words with your husband’s ex has been well-documented by the media and even though I know how irritating and unfair it can be when your stepchildren’s mother says something nasty about you, your best defense, if you really, truly care about the kids (and Gisele, I hope you’re listening too) is SILENCE. SILENCE.”

    “Of course, in your defense, LeAnn, you’re hardly the first new stepmother to commit the dreaded ‘Bonus Mom’ faux pas. Now that my little ones are getting older, I’m starting to become acquainted with more and more new stepmoms, women who are giving me an uncomfortable case of deja vu because they’re right where I was ten years ago. They’re often the ones asking way too many questions during parent meetings, cheering way too loudly at soccer games, and baring way too much skin during children’s birthday parties. (I know it’s a new relationship and all, but uh. Just sayin.’) It’s hard for me to see them now because I remember doing some of the exact same things when I was in their shoes, and only now am I understanding why I got more than a few hostile glares at the time from other moms.”

    “A stepmom is not a bonus mom. My advice to LeAnn, to other new stepmoms, hell, to myself ten years ago, is to take the “wind beneath their wings” approach. Avoid conflict with the kids’ mom. Be ready and willing to take a step back at birthday parties and sports events. You do not need to prove to the world how much YOU CARE. Be there for the kids when they need you, but be willing to back off when they’re feeling conflicted, or when their mom is causing trouble, or when it’s creating problems in your own marriage. It might not be best for you and your feelings (and in a world where YOUR FEELINGS are EVERYTHING, I realize that this can be very hard to take), but if you really do want the best for the members of your blended family, you’ll do it for them.”

  12. Me and Mine

    I’m the first anonymous, I just forgot to log in. Not that I owe you an explanation. Perhaps there is more then one person on earth with internet access that thinks LeAnn Rimes has no business being the focus of a post about someone else’s child? I know it’s a strange concept.

  13. Southern Gal

    Wow, another narcissistic pap opp for LeAnn. That chick is straight up craZy!!An article about “LeAnn & family”??!!??? How bout Brandi & family, or even Eddie & family, whoever wrote this must be on her payroll. LeAnn tries to act like some victim, and how mean everyone is to her…blah, blah, blah. I’m sure that most people would be much more forgiving about how LeAnn & Eddie’s relationship began if she didn’t use the children as pawns, “single white femaling” Brandi (STILL!!) fake illnesses & cancel concerts when her insecurities kick in when she is away from Eddie.

    I USED to be a fan, but will never be again. ugh, makes me sick…..STOP USING THE KIDS TO TRY TO STAY RELEVANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous

    This is what Leann Rimes tweeted today: “Stepmom’s r a gift to their family & yet go unappreciated on Mother’s day.”

    Just when you think that Leann can’t possibly stoop any lower…

    Leann gives stepmothers a bad name. The audacity of Leann to think that she deserves to be put on the same pedestal as the woman who actually carried and birthed the children. If Leann wants to be appreciated on MOTHER’S DAY, then perhaps she should get pregnant and give Eddie that daughter she is always bragging about on twitter. Have you ever noticed that out of all the stepmother’s in Hollywood, Leann Rimes is the only one who continues to be so publicly disrespectful and overbearing? How come Khloe and Meghan Fox aren’t tweeting things like this? If Leann really cared about those kids or was the compassionate/caring person she wants us all to believe she is, then he wouldn’t be worried about the fact that she isn’t being appreciated on Mother’s Day. She would be more concerned with making that day as special as she can for Brandi. Leann acts like Brandi is dead or doesn’t have any contact with the children. You get the sense that Leann wants to completely replace Brandi in Eddie and his kids lives. If Eddie loves Leann why would she feel threathened by Brandi’s presence enough to try to take over her life?

    What Leann needs to understand is that that is not her family. Just because she financially supports(ie-buys him expensive gifts, pays his bills, and takes him on lavish vacations) Eddie, it doesn’t mean that she OWNS him and his kids and that the kids, Brandi, and the world are obligated to give her praise for being a “stepmother” or Eddie’s WIFE. Leann doesn’t even understand what it means to be a stepmother. Everything that she does for the kids is simply to benefit herself or convince everyone that all is well in her marriage to Eddie. Look at how she made the birthday party all about her.

    Leann’s presence in those children’s life isn’t a gift, since she is only in their life because she slept with their father and then exposed the affair to US Weekly when he refused to leave his wife and kids. Why would the children look at the person who helped break up their family as a gift? And does Leann understand the message she is sending those kids when she says things like this? She is telling them that their mother wasn’t good enough for their father and as a result their family deserved to be broken to make room for her even though Eddie called Leann a speedbump.How is Leann being a gift to those children when she does so many mean and nasty things to those kid’s mother? From copying her tweets to encouraging her fans and staffmembers to stalk and harass her on twitter to posting about those kids just to taunt their mother?No child is going to consider the woman who treats their mother like crap as a gift.

    Woe is Leann. Poor, poor Leann, as a stepmother she shouldn’t have to go “unappreciated” on Mother’s Day, right? She bought Eddie all those expensive gifts just so that she can tweet about his kids and set up staged photo-ops with them. She shouldn’t have to go unappreciated, not after all the work she put into “her family”. Oh wait, doesn’t Hallmark make cards for Stepmother’s on Mother’s Day? Just like they make cards for aunts, sisters, and grandmothers on Mother’s Day. But Leann wouldn’t know anything about that since she spends so much time tweeting about BG and EC kids and trying to convince everyone that all is well in her marriage . Leann is probably just upset because she won’t be able to set up a candid staged photo-op on that day with the kids. If she took the time to actually care about the kids and respect their mother, she would be appreciated.

  15. Anonymous

    I forgot to add, but can we really blame Leann Rimes for thinking that she as a stepmother deserves appreciation from Eddie, Brandi, the world, and her in-laws & stepchildren on Mother’s Day when media outlets enable her way of thinking by writing, “Leann Rimes & Family…” and “Leann Rimes and her boys…” or continue to write fluffpieces even when Leann is doing really mean and nasty things to the children’s mother?

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