Lisa Loeb: “I’m Hoping For A Natural Birth”

Currently expecting her second child in June, Lisa Loeb, 44 – who is already mom to 2-year-old daughter Lyla Rose with husband Roey Hershkovitz – says her pregnancy is going “pretty well.”

The Stay (I Missed You) singer opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about enjoying pregnancy naps, preparing Lyla for big sisterhood, her sing-along book and CD for kids, along with her upcoming “grown-up” record. Lisa also talks about partnering with Pregnancy Awareness Month: “It’s so important for women to talk to each other and share their experiences with other pregnant women,” says the expectant mama.

CBS: Tell us about being involved with Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM). What’s it all about?

LL: “As a mom and a pregnant woman, I’m looking forward to PAM. Their program is about education, community, health, shared experiences with other moms, and more. It’s so important for women to talk to each other and share their experiences with other pregnant women. It creates a sense of community.

It’s easy to go through pregnancy in an isolated way, and although you get a lot of information from your doctors, I think there’s a lot of shared experiences that can also inform and enhance your pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing.

You can go on the website to get more information.”

CBS: We hear you’re contributing at PAM?

LL: “I think I’m really there to share my music for kids. I have an illustrated sing-along book with a CD included and I’ll be playing music from that as well as my other kids’ music.”

CBS: Congratulations on your second pregnancy! How are you feeling?

LL: “Thanks! I’m feeling pretty well. I get super sleepy in the afternoon and try to take a daily nap when my daughter naps.”

CBS: You entered motherhood in your 40s. Why did you wait? At 44, do you have any concerns about being pregnant?

LL: “I waited because that’s what happened. I got married at 40 and children followed. I don’t really have special concerns about being pregnant, but I do make sure I listen to the doctor and take care of myself. I understand that some people have trouble getting pregnant after 40 and that some pregnancies are more fragile than others, but so far so good on my end.”

CBS: Do you have a birth plan? Drug free? Natural birth?

LL: “I’m hoping for a natural birth, but we’ll see if it’s drug free. I’ll see what I need once I’m in the delivery room breathing and sitting on that yoga ball. It’ll be in a hospital with a doula, my husband, and the doctor and the nurses. (Ha! The Doctor and the Nurses. That sounds like a band name).”

CBS: Do you know the gender of the baby? Do you have any baby names picked out?

LL: “I do know the gender of the baby and we have some names we’re thinking about, but my husband and I are keeping those details to ourselves at the moment.”

CBS: Are you preparing your 2-year-old daughter Lyla Rose for the new baby? How do you think she’ll react?

LL: “We have told our daughter about becoming a big sister with the help of a few illustrated Now I’m a Big Sister books. So far she seems excited. We’ll see what happens when the baby comes. I think she’ll make a very caring and sweet big sister.”

CBS: How is Lyla Rose doing? What is she into?

LL: “Lyla is into everything from reading and coloring to digging in sand and joking around. She loves plugging in guitar cables and turning knobs on stereos and figuring out how things work. She loves sparkly necklaces and playing with her mommy’s makeup. She talks a lot and also seems to love music; especially Foo Fighters!”

CBS: You are currently on tour for your children’s song book, Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along: The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs. Tell us all about this.

LL: “I’ve been playing shows and doing book signings for my kids’ book and it’s been lots of fun to share those songs with others. Some of the them I play on guitar and others I do a cappella with hand motions…like I learned in camp! While touring, I get to meet a ton of parents and kids. Sometimes they share their favorite sing-along songs with me.

I’ll most likely slow down a bit as I get closer to having my baby, but it also might be an opportunity to do some more local California shows and get ready for the next sing-along book and CD in the series to come out next year.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

LL: “I’m finishing up a grown-up record that should be out early next year, and as I mentioned, I also have another kids’ book and CD in the series that will come out next April.

I’m also continuing to design eyewear for the Lisa Loeb Eyewear line. There are more and more cute styles coming out all the time!

And, I’m currently perfecting my skills on how to make the perfect homemade fish sticks!”

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Lisa Loeb

  • Anonymous

    Natural birth = Drug free. People incorrectly use “natural birth” to describe vaginal birth. Not the same.

  • Lisa Loeb

    Thanks for the clarification. I was actually hoping for drug-free on my first delivery, but I wasn’t able to get through without getting an epidural towards the end of the labor- too many contractions one on top of the other! We’ll see how it goes
    on this one! LL

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