Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony’s Tuesday Twins

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony‘s 3-year-old twins, Max and Emme, were seen out and about on Tuesday (April 17). Each with their own nanny, the Muñiz twins enjoyed lunch at Corner Bakery in Calabasas, Calif.

We just spotted Max and his famous mama making a quick stop at a gas station in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Are the twins set to welcome another sibling soon?

Rumors are swirling that the baby stork paid papa Marc Anthony and his much younger girlfriend, Shannon De Lima, a visit.

Latina magazine reports that Shannon raised eyebrows over the weekend after several of her tweets hinted she was expecting a baby.

There once was a butterfly that was so in love she felt people in her stomach,” the brunette beauty posted on Twitter. “Happy and in love…with life!!!”

After the speculation intensified, the Venezuelan beauty deleted the comment. However, she left other emotional tweets for the world to see.

“True love is not physical or emotional,” Shannon tweeted. “True love is accepting that everything that has been, will be and will continue to be in the world.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. Anonymous

    Why does their hair always look so greasy?

  2. NYCMommy

    Kids are cute but why didnt the nanny take the time to wipe the little girls face. No reason for a child to leave a restaurant with dirty face unless they are eating an ice cream or something. J Lo always keeps her kids impecable so I am sure she would not be please to see her daughter looking that way.

  3. Fan

    Jlo doesn’t use nannies. The girl in the blue is her cousin Tiano and the second woman is her best friend from childhood.

  4. Big Head

    look kids it’s Big Head taking our picture! RUN!!

  5. Anonymous

    They are adorable!
    The rumor about Marc is false. No sibling anytime soon

  6. Anonymous

    doesn’t use nannies……..lollollol. even if they are cousins or relatives, you can bet they are paid and paid very well to take care of the kids.
    she doesnt even know how to take care of her children.
    every picture you see with her and the kids, a nanny is there to help – that or a bodyguard helping. she always looks like she is watching someone elses children, there is not bond between mother and children. they look like strangers when around each other. which is rare in itself. you see j-lo w/her babyboytoy, but not her biological children.

    • Anonymous

      Jennifer Lopez may feel that its okay to put her career first, since her best friend and cousin, bodyguards and her mother are basically tending to her children. American Idol has opened the doors for her. She’s doing a whole lot. Music videos, performing on stage, photoshoots, commercials, etc. and getting ready for a worldwide tour with Enrique Inglesius. Maybe she may feel she has to get out there and strike while the iron is hot, and let her relatives whom she trusts tend to her kids. I can imagine it would be very hard for her to give up all the attention she’s getting and sacrifice it all because she has 2 young children.

  7. Anonymous

    The twins have been raised by nannies since day one rather JLO is related to them or not. Other people are raising JLO’s unfortunate looking children.

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