Madonna: I Wasn’t Very Happy With Lourdes Smoking

Madonna admits she’s not a tough parent to her children, Lourdes, 15, Rocco, 12, David, 6, and Mercy, 5. In an exclusive interview with Rock Center’s Harry Smith – Madonna talks about the photos of Lourdes smoking outside of school last month.

She says, “(I) wasn’t very happy, but honestly, I don’t think I’m as tough as I should be. I think I need to be maybe tougher. It’s hard — every day is a negotiation. But cigarette smoking I’m not very fond of — for anyone – especially my daughter.”

When Smith pointed out that she smoked in a recent video – the Give Me All Your Luvin’ singer quickly responded.

I don’t smoke. That’s just an accessory, Harry. There’s a difference. (Lourdes) smoked that cigarette before I did that video! She didn’t get it from me.”

Madonna also shared that when she’s home she’s mom.

They get the version “that comes home and says, ‘Have you done your homework?’ and ‘Why are you wearing that?’ and ‘Why did you say that?’ and ‘What are you eating that for?'”

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s kinda hypocritcal of her to tell her daughter not to smock but then to promot it in a video.

    Madonna video came out on March 21 and the picture of Lourdes smoking was taken on the 27 of March so how was Lourdes smoking before Madonna did the video. Somthing dose not add up it seems like Mag is lying because it would look bad for her.

    • Anonymous

      If only you would devote as much time to your spelling as you do to keeping tabs on some pop star’s releases. The pictures was taken the week prior and released several days after. In any case, Madonna is an adult, she can smoke (though she’s not an actual smoker) and drink as allowed by law, while her daughter is a minor and can therefore not do so. Engaging in that behavior is breaking the law. Madonna can also vote and do other things as an adult, while her daughter cannot. As long as her daughter is a minor, Madonna can very well tell her not to engage in certain activities and punish her accordingly for breaking whatever set rules. Her home, her rules.

      And what about Guy Ritchie and Carlos Leon? They have smoked and had alcohol. Guy puts that in his movies along with other adult things, are you or any others blaming him too?

      I think more than anything, Lourdes’ peers are more of an influence than her parents when it comes to engaging in silly teen behavior.

      People are quick to blame Madonna when things go wrong, but when they go right, they do not want to give her credit.

      • Anonymous

        First off crazy Madonna fan I don’t keep tab but google the info because thing did add up and you can give a whole song and dance about Maddona being an adult but the intrview made they same comment as I did.

        ( I think more than anything, Lourdes’ peers are more of an influence than her parents when it comes to engaging in silly teen behavior. )

        Really then why do most people who had alcoholics and drug addicted parents turn out to become one themselves? Because they learned the behavior from watching thier parents. Not say that Lourdes will be pne but don’t pretend that a parents behavior dosen’t influence their child.

        • Anonymous

          Funny. You speaking of crazy and you keep tabs on someone you dislike and are one of the first to comment. In your rush to make the first comment, you couldn’t even string together a properly spelled sentence. Again, the pictures of Lourdes were taken a while before they were even published (and Madonna’s video was blocked on YT to those under the age of 18). And yes, Madonna is an adult and can engage in adult behavior while Lourdes is not and can’t, therefore, do the same. As a minor, Lourdes has to follow not only her mother’s rules, but also the law.

          I never said that parents’ behavior DOESN’T affect their children, but that in Lourdes’ case, it’s more to do with her peers than her mother when it comes to smoking. Madonna is NOT a smoker (nor an addict) and therefore does not smoke around her kids. If Lourdes is looking at music videos, she’s likely looking at those of young pop stars her peers also listen to.

  2. May

    When you are “not very fond” of your daughter doing something illegal, you should stop her. What a joke.

    • Anonymous

      She wasn’t at her school with her to rip the cigarette right out of her hand, was she? It’s not like it’s realistic to expect Madonna to be babysitting and holding her daughter’s hand 24/7. If Madonna was not happy to learn that her daughter was smoking, odds are she took the initiative to punish her in some way. Just because she didn’t go into detail about it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  3. TT

    I negotiate with your child. What they wear (as long as it’s appropriate) hey who cares, but “not very fond of”? This is what I don’t understand about some people. She was strict about their diet and not letting them watch television when they were younger (I mean the oldest 2) but now when they need boundaries the most and direction, she’s soft on cigarettes (we all know the repercussions of getting that habit going). Odd but I’ve noticed this about some people. They obsess over some things while more important things are addressed kind of cavalierly.

  4. Anonymous

    Take away her credit cards and ground her for a while. Smell her breath when she comes home. Drill it in about the dangers of smoking. It still might not do any good, but who knows, it might. I never wanted the wrinikled leathery face or the pungent smell on my breath or clothes. That was enough to avoid taking up the habit.

  5. carrie

    Madonna is too concerned about her own image, looks, botox etc….and too busy to have time to deal with the kids. Isn’t it quite obvious???? Why is anyone surprised? I would count on this not being the last time Lourdes acts out, she probably WISHES her mom would do something about it!!

  6. Anonymous

    What does Madonna Expect when she is smoking in “Girls gone wild” and Lola smoked after that video please. I don’t think Madonna is setting a good image for her kids with all these violet videos.

  7. Luna

    I find it very strange how you people are judging Madonna’s actions by what she says in a small interview. How do you know she didn’t come down really hard on Lola for smoking? You don’t.

  8. Anabelle

    “I don’t smoke. That’s just an accessory… She didn’t get it from me.” Regardless of whether or not it’s just an accessory, how many kids are going to see her smoking in videos or movies (nearly everybody’s seen Desperately Seeking Susan) and start smoking? It’s those sort of kids who are then going to be hanging out with Lourdes and Lourdes will smoke because her friends are. So, actually, Madonna can claim it’s not her fault, but she’s definitely played her part.

    • Anonymous

      LOL. Susan was a character she played in 1985. Susan smoking was not Madonna’s idea. Why don’t you blame the director and script writer instead? So you mean to tell me that we should hold Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and countless other men who have “murdered” other people in their movies accountable for whatever murder or crimes young people commit for many decades to come? What about those who have music that talks about criminal or “bad” behavior? Or even if the music doesn’t, surely there is something “bad” in at least one video they’ve made. Honestly, who will pass the “purity” test in your eyes? Maybe only Donny Osmond when he started off? But that sister of his got a divorce, so maybe that makes him a bad influence by association. Hmm.

  9. Mar

    let her smoke for heaven’s sake, she’s gonna do it anyways with or without her mother telling her to stop.

  10. Kim

    At least her daughter didn’t go “looking for Molly.” Hypocrite. Complete and total hypocrite.

  11. NYCMommy

    I feel bad for Lourdes. When I snuck a smoke as a teen the PAPS did not tip my Mom off. that must stink.

  12. Daniella

    Watching our grandfather die a slow, painful death from lung cancer was enough to destroy any chances of my brothers, cousins & myself smoking. Not to mention it stinks. Showing a teenager the abject suffering that can be caused by smoking, excessive drinking, or drugs is often the very best deterent. Parents just need to take some time out of their busy schedules & actually talk with or educate their children. And this is coming from a 20-year-old who just emerged from the rebellious teenage age group.

    I was constantly shocked in high school & college by how little my friends or classmates knew about the hazardous side-effects of smoking, drinking, drugs & unprotected sex.

  13. Anonymous

    Madonna has been a smoker in the past. I think it was revealed when her “Sex” book came out and she talked about smoking for weight loss. She also has interviews (since having children) where she spoke of doing “E.” Madonna is a risk taker in every sense and it is no shock that her biological children may have her tendencies in certain forms. (Even more so if their biological and step father smoke, as another suggested.) Lourdes is also in the middle of a subculture where smoking and doing drugs is the norm. I’m not judging Madonna or the situation, but there have been certain ‘blind items” that suggest she is not as involved in her children’s lives as the media might portray. This could potentially be another symptom of the issue. As a 42 year old woman who sits here smoking her e-cig, I have no room to judge anyone, but I did grow up around smokers and have dabbled with nicotine (or beyond) since I was Lourdes’ age. I hope to God she quits before becoming too addicted to quit. It is a horrible habit and it is tough to ‘blame’ one source.

  14. Rod

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    I’m super excited about concerts this year.

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