Susan Sarandon: ‘I Don’t Mind If My Sons Smoke Weed’

Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon, 65, sat down with Parade to discuss her latest film Jeff, Who Lives At Home, her views on love, and being a mom to her three kids Eva, 27, Jack, 23, and Miles, 20.

On her parenting philosophy: “I said no to my kids a lot about certain things and made them accountable for where they were. But in other areas I probably seemed more relaxed. My boys definitely come down on the side of Jeff. I don’t mind if they smoke weed if it’s not constantly. And I would welcome them home as long as they picked up their towels. I always have a lot of kids around and am always explaining to them that they need to be responsible for their friends too. My eldest son graduated from USC in May and he was hired to go across the United States and film different demographics of homeless people. When he arrived with his crew in July, they stayed until mid-September when I kicked them out since I had to get his brother to school. That was fabulous, there were kids everywhere, but it was a struggle to not act like it was a crash pad. They have to respect your house.”

On how she got her kids involved in the world: “By example. I never pulled them along. The only thing I insisted upon was doing a service project before they graduated from high school. Both of my boys worked for Habitat for Humanity. Eva wanted to create a nursery at a shelter so we came in and painted, did the floors. Then I asked our friends, people who had been mentors to my kids or had known them their whole life, to write letters. I took pictures of their projects. And then my kids had to write a letter to themselves, that I couldn’t read. It was something they could read later on and see where they were at 17. I put all of that in a scrapbook for each of them.”

On choosing family over career: “When the kids were little, I worked in the summers or worked in New York. By then, I was a very old mom so it didn’t cost me anything to give up a certain amount of my career. I found what was happening to me so much more interesting. I always worked from the point of view that my kids were good kids and if they were acting out or something was wrong, then it wasn’t that I needed to crack down but needed to understand was going on.”

On her views on love: “It’s all about expressing your love constantly. My kids are so sick of text messages from me telling them I love them. Tell your friends, telling your relatives. I’m totally open to loving. I am in a job that makes you use that muscle. When you are connected to another person onscreen and listening, that is the openness that loving is about. The way I’ve gotten this reputation for being sexual is because I am a good listener— that connection onscreen is chemistry. I crave that, I try to give that. I think it’s the healthiest thing for a person to do. Are you vulnerable? Yeah, but the love vibration is what keeps you going. I highly recommend it and whenever possible, I’m there.

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  1. SMH

    Okay not that I actually think smoking weed is all that bad but why would anyone publicly say to the media that they are okay with their children doing something (illegal) as long as it’s not everyday! I know her kids are grown and can do as they wish but that doesn’t mean it makes it right. Celebs really just need to learn that not every thought needs to be put down in print!

  2. Cassie

    I’m another one who believe weed and everything else should be legal. I can’t stand more news and protests related to the illegality of drugs.
    I believe our health system should be more expensive than already is. People who spend money with drugs absolutely has enough cash to pay for medical treatment.
    When I see damn Canadians praising glory of their system, I think they’re crazy nuts. I don’t want to pay for people who are wealthy enough to pay for their own problems.
    Sarandon and everybody in her family is tremendously wealthy, they can handle whatever comes on their way.
    My aunt had cancer and thankfully she was smart enough to provide herself a good health insurance years before all the drama started.

    • Anonymous

      There is so much ingorance spouted in your post that I don’t even know where to begin.
      Being a “damn Canadian” myself, who now lives in the US, I can tell you that you don’t know jack squat about Canada’s healthcare system, and to bring it up in a post that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with healthcare is absurd.
      I WISH I still had my old health care system! I am a healthy, drug-free, tax paying US resident and I think it’s absurd that MY tax dollars go toward helping out rich corporations and funding wars before they go back to ME in the form of healthcare. Good thing your aunt was “smart enough to provide herself with good health insurance”. Yeah, because everyone who gets sick and doesn’t have health care is either stupid, and/or drug addicted. Do your research before you spout such utter rediculousness.

      • Annon

        “I WISH I still had my old health insurance”

        Move back and your wish will be granted! Btw, it is YOUR ignorance that is showing. Canadians have a worse survival rate for every type of cancer or long term disease as compared to the US because our free market health care system is superior.

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