Goldie Hawn: Bingham Is “Just Beautiful!”

First comes love, then comes baby, then comes marriage… one day.

Grandma Goldie Hawn reports that Kate Hudson and her fiance Matthew Bellamy, who welcomed son Bingham last summer, are in no rush to tie the knot: “There’s no prepping for a wedding,” Kate’s mom reveals to US. “She’s very happy. She’s a great mom, the baby’s beautiful, and they’ll get married when they’re ready.”

As for baby Bingham, Goldie gushes that he’s “just beautiful,” adding that being a grandmother is “Love with a capital L!”

The actress, 66, shared a few of the lessons she hopes to pass on to Bingham and his big brother Ryder, as well as her other grandkids.

[I hope to teach them] to become as resilient as they can. We all get knocked down, but the measure of the man is how fast you get up. And I think that’s what I’d really like to instill in the kids. We’re all going to fail, we’re all going to mess up, but it’s not as much about that as it is learning from your mistakes and getting up real fast.”

Speaking of Kate, the Almost Famous star turns 33 today. Happy birthday to her!

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s more like they rush into it because she was pregnant and are now taking the time to really get to know each other which I think is good.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh my, put those pancakes away…..PLEASE!!

  3. Anonymous

    I wonder if Goldie can smile naturally. She always seems to be grimacing, and twisting her mouth when she smiles.

  4. Anonymous

    I have and will always love Goldie, but my goodness does she look like a hot mess! She needs to purchase a bra and some sleeves. Unfortunatly the sun and sands of time have done their damage, so she really should start covering up more. However….. I still think that she’s gorgeous, vivacious, spirited, honest, and an overall wonder person, mother, wife/partner, and actress. I look forward to her next film. I’ve seen every one of them.

    • Anonymous

      Why should she cover up more? Unless you’re perfect, you have to start hiding yourself? Why? That’s the problem with some people, they think that imperfection or aging is something to be hidden away or shamed. She looks great!

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