Jessica Simpson: “I’m Still Pregnant!”

The celebration hasn’t begun, yet.

Although the Fashion Star mentor has been receiving a lot of celebratory comments Saturday morning (April 21), Jessica Simpson announced via Twitter, “To everyone who keeps congratulating me on the birth of my baby girl…I’m still pregnant!! Don’t believe what you read ladies and gents.”

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the 31-year old recording artist and her fiancé Eric Johnson aren’t ready for the bundle of joy to be born. “I can’t wait for the day I can walk in heels again! My feet feel homesick!” she shared.

It has been recently reported that the bubbly reality TV personality has scheduled a C-Section for the birth of her baby girl. “She desperately wanted to experience the joy of a natural birth, but decided to go with what made the most sense for her,” the friend revealed.

“Jessica has no tolerance for pain,” the friend admitted. “She even turned to hypnotherapy to calm her fears about it, but nothing was working.”

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  1. Courtney

    why don’t we not rush it when the time finally comes She won’t be able to keep it quiet. technically Jessica has gone overdue as her due date was moved forward to yesterday due to complications but obviously her daughter isn’t ready to come yet

  2. Anonymous

    Jessica Simpson announced her pregnancy at Halloween when she dressed as a mummy. That was 7 months ago meaning she must have been only about 2 months when she announced this pregnancy. She clearly looked 5 to 6 months at the time and had speculation for several months. Therefore it is physically impossible for Jessica to still be pregnant which means she has either had the baby and she’s trying to drag out the publicity by wearing a fake bump or she was never pregnant and they’ve been having problems with adoption or a surrogate.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you can go and check the nude poses that she gave few months ago,bet that baby bump was real

    • Eva

      Conspiracy theory much? Bet you think there was another gunman on the grassy knoll. FIRST, Halloween was six months ago a week from this coming Monday. SECOND, babies, especially first ones, are notorious for taking their sweet time.

    • Anonymous

      actually october was 6 MONTHS AGO. meaning she would have been around 3 months! remember she is only petite so any weight gain like me would show easily. her baby is probably late, but it’s her baby. give her a freaking break, she’s a good person!!!

    • Anonymous

      I went right back through and had a look at all the pictures from when she announced and a couple of months before that she has a visible bump. There is something shady about this whole pregnancy.

    • Angie

      yea, she did look far along in her Halloween announcement. Maybe she’s just overdue with a huge baby or carrying multiples. Seems like she’s been pregnant forever. I expected her to have her baby around the time Beyonce did. Not that many people show in the first couple months like her. I don’t think she’s faking a pregnancy.

    • Anonymous

      Today is April 21st. Halloween was not even 6 months ago. Which means should could have been 3 months pregnant when she announced.

      You should really learn to count.

      What is with people and all the conspiracy theories?!?! Barack Obama, Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Simpson now? Sheesh…..

    • Anonymous

      Halloween was a little less than 6 months ago. What are you talking about?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but this is ridiculous. Pregnancy is 40 weeks long, and most people announce around 13 weeks. Which would mean that if she was DUE at the beginning of May, than on October 31st she was 13 weeks pregnant. And she has said a few times that she has polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) which means she is carrying larger than normal. I would guess her due date is early May, but if this story is true, than they would most likely do the Csection next week, a week before her due date. Just a little bit of research would easily explain WHY she is still pregnant.

  3. Anonymous

    If she has no tolerance for pain, I wonder how she’ll handle recovering from a c-section.

  4. Rebecca

    Anon @ 6:02 — I totally agree. There’s definitely something VERY fishy with this…Then again, if she truly is over 9 months pregnant, then good luck to her.

    • Katie2011

      I know right she already gave a interview about her not having the baby yet on Tuesday ans then her sister made one and why is she giving another one only days later, and before her first “I’m still prego speech” it was her hair stylist a week before. Her PR teem is trying really hard here which makes this whole thing seem fishy, I mean what other celebrity give so many interviews about them still pregnant, normaly celebrity just disappear and have their publicist make the announcement when while have the baby.

      I think she already had the baby weeks ago when she went M.I.A and had a tummy tuck to loose weight and so when she comes back in the media eye again, she can say she lost the weight on “Weight Watchers” why else is she and her people trying so hard with all these she still pregnant interviews.

    • Anonymous

      You really have to be desperate for something to do if you think that every pregnancy these days is just a big cover up. Sheesh, grow up.

  5. Anonymous

    She has no tolerance for pain, but she scheduled a c-section! That’s sounds about genius.
    I guess she doesn’t realize what kind of pain she is going to be in after her surgery. It kills me when people just schedule a section without even trying to deliver a baby the most natural way. Very sad. Who knows she may could have gotten an epiduaral and popped that baby right on out. Now she’s going to be recovering for major surgery. That sounds about like something jessica simpson would do….

  6. Anonymous

    Is she nuts? Having a c-section because she can’t stand pain and her dr is okay with this? As someone who had no choice but to have 2 of them and 3 surgeries since to repair damage from scar tissue, she has no clue what pain is. I had 1 baby natural and did it hurt? Heck yeah but when it’s over you are sore but not living with the pain of being cut hip to hip. Not only is she a no brain, all of her assts, drs, etc are too. There are serious complications that can occur with c-sections and yes, been through that also. Idiot!!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Beyonce’s pregnancy lasted a day and a half and Jessica Simpson’s has lasted over a year!! craziness.

  8. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear she’s too whimpy to do it natural.

  9. Anonymous

    i think she had the baby a few weeks ago too. she is trying to find someone to pay for newborn pics and must not be having any luck with that. she gained a tremendous amount of weight by normal standards and wayway more by celebrity standards. other than surgical help, she will have a very hard time losing it. i figure she will have surgery soon, if she has not already.
    then will do ww and say thats how she lost the weight….after all, they are paying her for that and she probably needs th emoney by now.

  10. Anonymous

    longest celebrity pregnancy ever….!

  11. May

    Jessica, you’ve been pregnant since 2003. At least it feels like so.

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