Alicia Silverstone & Her Coachella Cutie


Actress Alicia Silverstone gave her sweet son Bear Blu, 11 months, a cuddle as they joined the crowds at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California this weekend (April 21).

The adoring mama made sure her little music lover had his headphones on as they enjoyed the day. Later dad Christopher Jarecki put baby Bear in the sling and toted him through the festival grounds.

Alicia’s fans will be happy to hear she’ll soon be back on the small screen: The 35-year-old actress reunited with her former Clueless co-star Jeremy Sisto, filming a guest spot on his hit show Suburgatory.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Arabella

    One adorable baby with a stupid name.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my he’s absolutely beautiful!! Look at that little face

  • Anonymous

    does her husband ever bathe?

    • Anonymous

      He’s ALMOST wearing sleeves. I’ve never seen him wear a shirt with sleeves before.

  • rachel

    He looks so much like his mom. Adorable baby, don’t care about his name, whatever people name their kids is their choice. But this one is beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she could pass for Meg Ryan when Meg was her age. What a natural beauty!

  • Anonymous

    He looks unhealthily skinny. Poor baby, someone please feed him. She is so annoyingly self righteous about her restrictive diet and her poor baby is malnourished bc of it.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree. I thought he was a homely baby when he was younger, but now I think he’s turned out to be quite cute. Lots of great hair, shiny bright eyes. He looks healthy. I also like the name Bear. Middle name, not so much.

  • Anonymous

    Cochella fest is not place for kids. I live in the area and know first hand that EVERYONE there is smoking pot, getting drunk, and acting crazy, plus its extremely hot outside…definitely not a good environment for babies.

  • Anonymous

    My god! Some of you internet armchair critics are so ridiculous! The two comments above mine about the baby’s “skinniness” and not taking him to Coachella really illustrate this. How is this child too skinny? Not every baby is chubby and not all “baby rolls” are a sign of a healthy baby. Babies can also be overfed and overweight. He’s FINE. And I’m pretty sure she wasn’t hanging around with him amongst the potheads and drunks. And it’s “hot outside”? Are you SERIOUS? Get a grip, people.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I’ve been a hater on these hippies before… but Wow, those are beautiful photos! Very sweet and intimate! They look so cute and seem very happy together. I hope Alicia sees these pictures so she can put them in a family album.

  • mandy1

    i didnt want to say that but yes he does look a little skinny in the arms? but im sure hes well feed.

    • Gena

      My little second cousin is skinny like that… and he is not malnourished. My cousin (his dad) was always skinny as a baby/toddler/adult, as well. Sometimes, it’s just genetics.

    • Anonymous

      He looks “a little skinny in the arms”? Oh please……

  • suzan

    He is 11 months?? He is so small to be 11 months. I got to admit, he is not healthy

    • Anonymous

      He is not healthy? Why, thank you for that diagnosis, Dr Idiot.

  • Anonymous

    He does appear on the thin side. Just basing that on what my own children looked like at that age.
    The last photo, it looks like he’s trying so see if she has food in her mouth, he might be hungry !
    Ok, yea, I had to go there !

  • F.A.J

    No matter how stupid, disgusting and bullshit these stories are about breastfeeding and feeding mouth to mouth. That kid is one gorgeous baby!!!

  • Louisa

    Love the fact that they have the sense and responsibility to protect the baby’s ears!

  • Anonymous

    smh @ some of these comments.

    Well I think he’s cute (and looks a lot like his mama). He has a outrageous name. A cooky mom. A dad that looks like he rolled out of bed and didn’t shower. But hey he looks happy. And they obviously are in love with their son. And who doesn’t love a sling wearing daddy?

  • Anonymous

    Baby Bear is one beautiful little boy! Great pics of the family 🙂

  • Tara C

    Very Sweet Family, love these shots 🙂

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