The Rossdale Brothers: Gone Fishin’

Brothers Kingston and Zuma Rossdale did some brotherly bonding this weekend, heading to a local pond in Los Angeles, California with their nanny to do some fishing (April 21).

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale‘s boys sat side-by-side at the water’s edge, waiting for a bite. Their patience seemed to pay off: It wasn’t long before Kingston, 6 next month, was happily hauling in his catch.

Both boys are known for their funky fashion sense, but it was 3-year-old Zuma who made the big style statement yesterday, wearing a white tank that read, “If the music is too loud, you’re too old.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Anonymous

    Kid looks much better with his natural hair colour

    • Anonymous

      I agree! I’m so glad they finally let it go back!

      • Anonymous

        What are you talking about beach blond is not his natural hair color the dark brown is.

        • Anonymous

          I have no idea what color his “natural” color is. I just think he looks adorable either way.

          • Anonymous

            Kingston’s natural hair is brown, but Zuma has natural blonde hair.

          • Anonymous

            Blonde….. for now. Remember Kingston stared out with blonde hair just like Zuma, until genetics kicked in and it changed to his parents natural brown colour. I’d give it another 1.5 years (when his hair darkens), and G & G will be dying Zuma’s hair also.

          • Anonymous

            Google baby pictures of Kingston as a and you will see that he was a bennett then not blond.

            New born pictures of kingston:



  • Luna

    I find it strange how paparazzi have followed two children round? Where are the celebrities in these photos? This is slightly unnerving.

    • Anonymous

      You beat me to it – my comment exactly! It’s understandable that paps would want to follow Gwen and sell her pictures – she’s internationally recognized and has legions of fans who like to see the pictures.

      Her children are not celebrities and unless they are with Gwen I don’t understand why these men stalk them and snap pictures when they are with a nanny/someone else. Very disturbing.

    • Me and Mine

      They do it because of the people who come to these sites. If it gets hits, they assume they are filling a demand. They don’t care that you are voicing concern. The pic got hits.

    • Anon.

      “Slightly” unnerving?? It’s downright creepy if you ask me. I’m sure rabid Gwen fans & followers love looking at her pictures and will “click” on them to check out her fashions, etc. But children on their own? Unless you know them personally, or are some kind of child predator I don’t see the interest…

    • Anonymous

      Obviously there is a market for these pictures and they must be getting good money for them. We are all here looking at them…… I’d say atleast a third of the time the parents are not present with the kid. The children have become just as recognized as the parents. Unless you’re like some of the celebrities that make an effort to keep the kids out of this lifestyle.
      I’m sure if the parents found it disturbing they would do something about it. Living in Hollywood is more important.

      • Anonymous

        I doubt the celebs are okay with a pack of creepy men with cameras leering at their kids – especially when the parents aren’t there. Seriously, would you be?Someone like Ms. STefani doesn’t need the publicity, but she seems to tolerate it when she’s with the kids or by herself – she’s a celeb and it’s part of the deal in Hollywood.

        I guess I’m different from you in that I don’t seek out pictures of kids to look at. Sure, in the context of a family outing with a celeb I am familiar with, yeah – that’s what sites like this are about – celebrities. Children are a different matter and it’s bizarre that there is a “market” for pictures of toddlers and preschoolers. I wonder what other kinds of sites buy these pictures!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it…arethey actually dying this child’s hair? Am I the only one that is freaked out by that??

    • Anonymous

      Yes they are dying his hair.

      I don’t get why they like him as a fake blond but I Think he looks so much better with his natural dark color, he look more like his dad that way.

  • marlee

    I am so confused as to why she keeps dying her older son’s hair? She never dyes the blonde ones hair brown- why does she keep dying the older brown haired child blonde? seems like that would send a message to not be happy with what God gave you-like blonde is somehow more desirable than brunette? Strange.

    • Anonymous

      Or…… she’s sending a message that hair is just hair and it’s fun to change it up, make it blond or blue (in his case) or green (in Willow Smith’s case) or bleached tips on a mohawk (in Henry Samuel’s case) or blue mohawk (in Maddox Jolie-Pitt’s case).

      In other words… maybe they’re sending a message that it’s JUST HAIR.

      • Anonymous

        It may be just hair, but hair dye and bleach are chemicals that should NEVER come close to a child’s head.

        • Anonymous

          Because……..? Why? Have there been studies done that children who use hair dye will develop diseases like brain cancer? Do the chemical interfere with growth?

          PREGANT WOMEN use hair dye. How can it be safe for them, but not a child?

          • Daniella

            I actually remember my organic chemistry professor in college mentioning that if people knew what kind of harmful chemicals were in hair dye, they’d never use it. Let alone on young children. I think I’ll trust the advice of the guy with a doctorate in chemistry & not play Russian roulette with my kid’s scalp.

          • Anonymous

            You remember something some two-bit professor in college said and will heed HIS advice…. regardless of whether there is any evidence whatsoever that it would harm a child? Especially considering that you have no idea what type of dye they might be using on his hair, and just choose to presume they’d subject him to chemical that will cause him to sprout cancerous tumors.

            Yeah. Okay. That makes sense.

          • Daniella

            Hahaha!! Two-bit! The guy’s one of the top in his field internationally, teaches at an excellent university, worked for NASA, & you’d most likely flunk his class. I’ll take the advice of someone with a doctorate in organic chemistry (who has published dozens of research papers) over someone on this board any day. At least he can name the chemicals in the dye & tell you how they work together, unlike the people who actually use it.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s a “message” for you — this is not your child, so MYOB! If you are really concerned for their welfare, the hair would be beside the point and you would focus on the fact that these innocent children are being pursued and stalked by perverts taking their pictures.

  • Anonymous

    They’ve been dying his hair for years. And for the record, his natural hair color is BROWN, not platinum blonde.

    • Anonymous

      For the record? You don’t know these people. You’ve never seen this child in real life. How would you ***know*** anything “for the record”? You can speculate, but you can’t possibly ***know***.

      • Annabella

        How do you know they haven’t meet or seen Gwen and kids in person?

        Gwen did start dying his hair until he was around 3 years old because before that her was a brunette I’m mean really look at his ruts or when he had his dead shaved at the sides the hair was brown? Gwen also been dying her hair blond for ages she naturaly a brunette or did you think the blond color was real.

        Maybe you want to live in lala land and believe that his hair is natrural blond but don’t expect others not not say the truth.

      • Anonymous

        His hair was brown a few weeks ago, now it’s bleach-blonde. Clearly, it’s not natural.

        • Anonymous

          His hair was also blond before the brown, and blonde when he was a toddler. Neither your comment nor mine proves anything.

  • anon

    The older one totally gets it. Photo op, yay. Not. The younger one just looks like he’s being punished.

  • Anonymous


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