Gabriel Aubry Picks Up His Special Sweetheart

Male model Gabriel Aubry was photographed picking up his beautiful 4-year-old daughter Nahla from school in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (April 24).

The handsome Canadian daddy laughed aloud as as his darling daughter playfully blew a raspberry in her 36-year-old father’s face while the pair walked to the car.

Gabriel’s ex and Nahla’s mother Halle Berry – who is engaged to actor Oliver Martinez – recently opened up about motherhood and her reasons why she wants to move Nahla to France.

“[Motherhood has] wildly affected my life,” Halle says. “I haven’t worked as much since I had my daughter. I have another priority and she’s it.”

As far as trying to relocate her family to France, Halle claims privacy is the motivating factor.

I’m hoping. I think it would be a much more normal way of life for my family. We’d have more privacy and more laws there to protect my daughter. I’m really very concerned about her growing up in the US, with the way things are and the laws they are not in place to protect children.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    Thats bull Halle, plenty of people who are way more famous than you raise perfectly normal kids in California. The Afflecks- Garners, Wahlbergs, Richie-Madden kids, and others than I cant think of right now.. she just wants to spite Gabriel in any way that she can. evil witch lol


    YOU are way too personal in your insult towards Berry.You sound so bitter and angry as if she your dad had walked away from your mother and YOU and went with Berry instead

  • nicoleC

    i just wish Nahla and her dad can spent time together!
    that’s so sweet and they DESERVE

  • lois

    What a beautiful interaction between father and daughter. I haven’t seen Gabriel smile like this before, ever. Could it be because the judge has made a ruling that Halle will not be allowed to take Nahla to France to live, because it would take her away from daddy? (I thought I read that somewhere, and certainly hope it’s true)! Nahla seems very happy, as well! Love the two of them together!

  • Anonymous

    another BS Halle interview!!! the real reason Halle does’nt work much isbecause she’s box office poison!! the only priority in Halle’s life is Halle….she”s a malignant narcissist…..end of story!!!!


  • Feliciar7315

    I really truly honestly hope that the judge presiding over this case would be able to see right thru Halle Phoney umm excuse Halle Berry…If you supposedly are so afraid for your safety why not have security guards with you when you are out and about in public….She’s full of BS…And its soo sad because there are so many single moms these days who wished their kids father would try to have a more active role in their kids life…And here this looney tune has a man that wants to be a part of his daughters life and she is giving him a hard time instead of doing all that she can to make sure her daughter has a great relationship w/her father….What looks good on the outside is not always beautiful on the inside!!!!!

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