Niki Taylor Advises Jessica Simpson To Deliver “Without An Epidural”

Model mama-of-four Niki Taylor is urging mom-to-be Jessica Simpson to opt for a drug free birth.

“I would encourage her to try to have the baby natural – that’s what I did with my kids,” the 37-year-old mom to twins Jake and Hunter , 17, with ex Matt Martinez and daughter Ciel, 3, and 5-month-old Rex with husband Burney Lamar – tells OK! magazine. “Try it without the epidural.”

“I think because your recovery is better,” she explains. “For myself, I did epidural for my boys, and it took me so long to get out of this fog, because it messes with your spinal fluid and it goes right in your back. For myself, I felt like I was in this fog, and it took forever for me to get out of. I couldn’t feel what I was pushing, and for my boys, it was 28 hours, I think I was in labor, and I couldn’t feel anything anymore.”

“With Ciel and with Rex, I said ‘no epidural,'” she continues. “I recovered, I was walking right after I had them, just did a lot of praying all through my pregnancy that they would be healthy and my deliveries would go without a problem. I was really blessed.”

No matter what Jess – who is due to give birth any day now – ultimately decides to do, Niki wishes the singer well.

“I know she’s going to be an awesome mommy!”

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  • Anonymous9

    Yeah, because what Jessica needs is to have every celebrity going public with how they think she should give birth.

    • Anonymous

      If she has advice for Jessica, why not pick up the phone and give it to her personally. Pretty tacky to dole out advice in a gossip magazine.

      • Anonymous

        That would be too easy!

    • carrie

      Maybe she’ just wants to make her realize that sometimes its a good idea to challenge yourself & do something without all the comforts that you’re used to and maybe not come off being such a helpless wimp! Babies were born without epidurals for 1000’s of years and somehow most everyone seemed to make it through! Imagine that.

      • Anonymous

        Nothing wrong with the content of what she said — but it seems a little inappropriate to offer specific advice to a specific individual in of all things, a gossip magazine. Alexander Graham Bell invented a little thing called the telephone — and if she doesn’t have Jessica’s number, then maybe she should wait until she knows her to give her advice.

  • SMH

    Well as it is true that your recovery is quicker why should she have to not have one just because someone else didn’t?

    She said it herself she couldn’t feel anything – umm Nikki that’s the point! What did you think an epi did?

    Why do people ask other celebs questions about other celebs. To me it would appear JEssica is so big she probably won’t even have a vaginal birth (didn’t she already say it was c-section)??

  • Janna

    Do people usually make the decision to have an epidural even BEFORE they know what the experience will be like?

    I just presume that everyone started labor and asked for an epidural if they decided they needed it, not that they had decided before labor even started.

    • Anonymous

      That is for ‘normal’ people. Jessica has already been planning a c-section to avoid having to deal with the pain of labor/delivery.
      Celebrities are not ‘normal’ people, they like to say and do things that are over-the-top in order to get more attention.
      and we all comment and give them the attention they want……………I guess that makes us all enablers, huh ?

      • Anonymous

        That’s pretty rude. Unless Jessica Simpson herself said that she has “been planning a c-section to avoid having to deal with the pain of labor/delivery”, I’d give her the benefit of the doubt and wouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t believe everything I read on the internet especially things that Jessica Simpson says. I didn’t believe her when she said she was no bigger than a size 6 during in those mom jeans. I don’t believe she only weighs 170 pounds now. I don’t believe she is a designer of anything. I’m not even sure I believe she’s pregnant.

          • Anonymous

            I think you have the potential to be a Jessica Simpson stalker. You are a little to wrapped up in her and wound too damn tight. Get a hobby & STAT!

    • Lila

      When I took the hospital-mandated birthing classes (required in order to give birth there) the instructor did assume that everyone attending had already decided to have epidural. When I said that I was not automatically planning on an epidural, the instructor said I was being stupid and that there was no reason any woman should want to feel labor, and added that it was easiest to just go ahead and plan on it so that the anesthesiologist would be available. That was an odd experience, that class.

  • Courtney

    Niki is being self richeous here Jessica can’t have a natural birth do to complications which she admitted to on Jimmy Kimmel live back in March. just because that worked for her doesn’t mean it will for everybody she’s basically telling Jessica to risk her life & Health and that of her daughter for a natural birth another model trying to be earth mother and sticking her nose in when she shouldn’t like Gisele Bundchen does so often. how would Niki feel if her advice led to Jessica’s otherwise healthy baby dying during birth or in the first few hours after.

    • Anonymous

      Jessica Simpson never said that she couldn’t have a natural birth. Where do you get this stuff from?

    • Anonymous

      Niki couldn’t have an epidural because of the rods in her spine from the auto accident she was in. She’s not “trying to be earth mother”. I’ve never heard of a baby dying because the mother did not get an epidural.

  • Anonymous

    Who is she to tell Jessica how she should give birth, it’s non of her buissness, how she had her kids is her choice and Jessica will makes her with out some buzzy body telling her what she should do.

    • Anonymous

      I’d really be interested in the context in which she offered this advise. I **seriously** doubt she called up some gossip column to offer her advise. It’s more likely that someone ASKED her.

      Besides, there’s nothing wrong with offering advice, is there?

      • Anonymous

        If she was ask then the smart thing to do would be to say its non of my buissness to speak on the matter but I’m sure she will do what’s best for her.

        Yes thier is not when someone dosen’t ask for your advice, that’s like some at work asking me on my opinion on how another co worker should give birth. Would you want someone telling you how you should give birth because they chose it for themselves?

      • Anonymous

        Fair enough, I doubt she called up the gossip mag either and they probably asked her the question/her opinion. It would have been perfectly acceptable & more appropriate for Ms. Taylor to simply say something along the lines of “I can give you my opinion, but I don’t advise others through magazine articles”.

  • Lizzig

    I don’t believe any person has the right to give this sort of advise. It’s a way to make the expectant mother feel bad if she does take the epidural route. When a women is pregnant, she can do WHATEVER is right for her, even if that is a scheduled C section. My sister had a scheduled c-section from the first appointment with her doctor due to health complications. I had a natural birth but didnt make my sister feel like an incompetent mother because she couldnt do it.
    My natural birth wasn’t planned either but instead was due to the nurses not believing that my small contractions were actually doing what they are meant to do. Apparently (if you go by the advise given) your contractions must be crippling and this shows that you are dilating. Once the doctor came and did his check he laughed and said and I quote “Dont bother asking for an epidural, you’re already 8 centremetres”…
    So all expectant mothers do what you think is best for your body and your baby. Don’t listen to any advise given by others, even professionals as in my case.. lol…

    I wish Jessica a happy and healthy baby, no matter how she delivers it.

    • Been There, Done That

      Pretty ridiculous advice. Unless there’s some complication, you don’t usually need an epidural for your second child or beyond. It’s the first one that tends to be more painful. In my case, the second one was out in 11/2 hours, no time or need for any drugs. In the first case, I planned for an all-natural birth but completely underestimated the pain. Probably part of the pain was caused by my son trying to exit sideways, AND a 24-hour labour. Since Nicki DID have an epidural for her first birth, she SHOULDN’T be trying to give JS advice about something she hasn’t experienced. And I agree with previous posts, if you desperately feel the need to give advice to somebody you haven’t met, do it privately thru a phone call or a visit, not thru an interview. Geesh, models! First Gisele, now Nicki. Why do they feel that they are experts on birth and mothering??

  • Anonymous

    Calm down, people… it’s just advice! Jessica can take it or leave. Who really cares? I’m sure that Jessica will make her own decisions anyway with the guidance of her doctor!

  • Anonymous

    Here we go again, more celebrity ‘advice’. I had an epidural with my daughter. I didn’t feel pain but I certainly felt pressure and I could move the lower half of my body the entire time. I was up and walking almost immediately after I delivered and felt great. If you can do it without one, more power to you, I just feel like celebrities like to push the natural thing down our throats. You know what else didn’t work out for us…breastfeeding! GASP!!

    • Anonymous

      Nobody is pushing anything down your throat. Do you people feel so bad about yourselves that anytime anyone suggests that a woman try natural childbirth, you get all up in arms and are on immediate defense?

      Get over yourself. If someone gives advice you don’t want to follow, don’t follow it. It doesn’t make them presumptuous and it doesn’t mean that anyone is strying to push anything down your throat.

      Stop wrapping up your self-esteem in what someone else thinks, and own your decisions, and you’ll be a much happier person.

      • TGIF

        I thought part of the reason to visit these websites is to share your own thoughts or comments? Hence the ‘comment’ section. Everyone has a right to respond whether it’s to agree or disagree. We all have a right to say how we feel. Just like this celebrity did. It has nothing to do with self-esteem. Here’s some advice…chill out.

  • Ebonita

    This much backlash for a simple suggestion? Good grief. *I* would suggest women not use epidurals, too. does that mane I’m some garish person? I understand that pregnant women/mothers get a lot of criticism and undue nastiness, but when someone is givng general advice and suggesttions why should that be assumed to be a bad thing?

  • Audrey

    Cool it ladies. This article came from “OK” magazine. Not the most reliable. And if she did say this it was probably an opinion related question, not a shout out to Jessica.

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