Wendy & Carnie Wilson On Music & Motherhood

The stars of Wilson Phillips are used to growing up with famous parents: Carnie and Wendy Wilson‘s dad is Beach Boys singer Brian Wilson while Chyna Phillips is the daughter of The Mamas & the Papas stars Michelle Phillips and John Phillips. Now parents themselves, sisters Carnie and Wendy recently talked to Parade readers on Facebook about music and motherhood.

On their own kids’ musical inclinations:
Carnie: “My daughter Lola, 7, is a wonderful singer and has a natural ability to sing harmony! Luci, almost 3, is starting to sing more on key!! LOL. I think Lola might be more inclined than Luci. They both love to dance and sing so we will see. It’s not something I will enforce… just encourage if they want. It’s up to them!”
Wendy: “All of my boys [Leo, 8, Beau, 7, Will and Jesse, 4] show musical interest. They love hard rock mostly. All can sing on key and Beau and Will can keep a beat.”

On how their parenting styles differ from the way they were raised:
Wendy: “I parent much like my mom—very open-minded, very liberal. I think I can put my foot down when I need to. I think the difference is how much time I spend with my kids—a lot more.”

On returning to the studio:
Carnie: “Can’t wait for another originals record. We have songs that we wrote between 2000-2004 that are great. I’d like to collaborate with my hubby too. He’s a great writer.”
Wendy: “We are planning on another originals album next. Otherwise we should just be a cover band!”

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  1. Anabelle

    Urgh, I remember Wendy on ‘Supernanny’. For about every 30 seconds she’d say, “My father Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys”. Gosh, it got annoying! x

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