First Glimpse Of Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck’s Son Samuel

It’s Samuel Garner Affleck!

In the first glimpse of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner‘s 2-month-old son Samuel, the angelic baby was spotted out for a stroll with the nanny in Santa Monica, Calif. on Saturday (April 28).

After having two daughters – Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3 – the high-profile couple finally welcomed a boy! Their third child was born on February 27.

“We are happy to announce on February 27, Jennifer gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Samuel Garner Affleck,” Ben wrote on his Facebook timeline.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet


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  1. klutzy_girl

    I don’t like pics of celeb kids out with nannies, but I’ll make an exception for this one. Samuel is so adorable!

    • Anonymous

      If that is in fact their child, I don’t think that’s the nanny – there are pictures of the whole family at the beach in Santa Barbara and the baby is with a much younger woman who is definitely the nanny.

      • klutzy_girl

        Maybe they have more than one nanny? I just found those pictures you’re talking about, and there’s a possibility there’s multiple nannies.

        Plus, they probably saw them coming out of the house or something (creepy), which is how they know this Samuel.

      • Grace

        Most celebrities have more than one nanny.

      • Anonymous

        You act like they can’t have more them one nanny or were you hopping they didn’t.

        Celebrities have more then one nanny on staff so they can rotate them give one nanny time off to have a life of their own and having the other nanny on hand to help out with the kids.

      • Anonymous

        This site always calls people they don’t recognize or can’t identify “nannies”. Doesn’t mean they actually are. It could very well be a friend or relative. Regardless, why do people care so much about nannies? I just don’t get it.

        • Anonymous

          You say why do people care so much about nannies and yet your here try to come up with every reason why the lady in the pictuer is not a nanny. Really JG has been using nannies for years why is it so hard for you to believe that the lady is one.

          • Anonymous

            Really, wow, thanks, I had no idea. The point is when this site calls someone a “nanny” it isn’t reliable because they have no idea who she is. What I care about factual accuracy.

            The point is further that it’s irrelevant whether she’s a nanny or not, because whether celebs use nannies is no one else’s business, and that there’s nothing wrong with it if they do.

            Finally, you might want to take some English lessons. Your comment is barely comprehensible. Perhaps start with learning how to use punctuation properly.

          • Louise

            Both of you should care about punctuation, grammar and typos!

          • Anna Ray

            If its not a big deal why are you making it one?

            Really who cares if CBS called the lady a nanny, and if your so bothered by it why do you not comment on every post that unknown person is called a nanny, why are you only commenting this post.

          • Anonymous

            Oh for god’s sake. Are you really this stupid? I was responding to a ongoing debate about whether the person in the photos was a nanny. I don’t comment on every other post because I don’t read every other post. And because I actually don’t care whether celebs use nannies or not. Meaning, I don’t judge them if the do and I don’t glorify them if they don’t. It’s not my business. And I don’t understand why people think it’s theirs – which is why I asked why people care so much. It’s a sincere question and no one should have trouble answering it. If you have an opinion you should be able to stand up for and explain it if challenged or questioned. Otherwise your opinion is worthless.

          • Not your friend

            It’s not hard. You’re just stupid.

  2. SMH

    Whoever it is I’m sure the Afflecks are like, “really you can’t even take our son out for a stroll and keep him fully covered?!” lol

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t think Jennifer will be pissed, because she exposes her kids a lot. It’s probably her decision to show off her son now that he is two months old (same age as seraphina when we had her first glimpse)

  4. Anonymous

    I really don’t think that’s a nanny. She’s probably one of the grandmas.

    • JR

      CBS has picture of both Ben and Jen mothers and pointed them out in photos, so why would they not do it here and Why is it so hard for you to believe its a nanny. Because she old or becasue you had this version that Jeniffer Garner dose’t us nannies.

  5. Anonymous

    These pics seem really creepy to me. He’s only 2 months old and already being photographed without his mum or dad.

  6. Anonymous

    creepy is how Over photogrpahed Jennifer Garner and her family is

  7. Nanny is a brunette who is she?

    Creepy is how Sam’s parents don’t want to be seen with their son beach with the girls smi,e on Bens face shows it all. The nanny is a brunette that Jen has had since Vi was a baby !

  8. Anonymous

    Jen has multiple nannies and this one above is one of them. It’s not rocket science folks or a big deal.

  9. Louise

    Everyone commenting on this site is illiterate. Sometimes I wish the ‘math question’ was more advanced to weed out the dummies.

  10. Anonymous

    Jen has 1 nanny! Not several… She is shown on the beach with a covered Sam!

    In a carrier ! Same beach that they are on!

  11. Anonymous

    Jen has 1 nanny! Not several… She is shown on the beach with a covered Sam!

    In a carrier ! Same beach that they are on!

  12. Anonymous

    Jen has 1 nanny! Not several… She is shown on the beach with a covered Sam!

    In a carrier ! Same beach that they are on!

  13. Anonymous

    Jen has 1 nanny! Not several… She is shown on the beach with a covered Sam!

    In a carrier ! Same beach that they are on!

  14. Anonymous

    Jen has 1 nanny! Not several… She is shown on the beach with a covered Sam!

    In a carrier ! Same beach that they are on!

    • Anonymous

      And you know this how? Are you her friends with her that you know she only has 1 nanny.

      So she has more then one nanny it’s not the end of the world she could have add the new nanny when she got pregnant with her third child or the other nanny can just be one that she has for at home because the lady is uncomfortable around paparizze taking her picture.

  15. Anonymous

    They have more than one nanny…. Are people really bickering about this?!

  16. Juliet

    Um. How do we know if this is actually Jennifer and Ben’s baby? I mean, isn’t it possible that this is just some random lady out with her random child?

  17. AnonymousM

    Wow! Angry much.
    If this is Samuel I think it is creepy that photographers would be stalking him at 2 months old without his parents.
    We all comment on how crazy it is when celebs keep their kids under wraps but this would be why.
    I believe the line between public and private has been blurred by the media as much as his parents are famous we are not entitled to be shown pictures or let into his life.
    I hope this is not Samuel and that Jen and Ben are able to introdue him to us when they are good and ready.

  18. Anonymous

    Jennifer Garner has been photographed with this particular woman many, many times. Now if she is a nanny or relative or friend I have no clue because unlike most people on this post I do not know her personally.

  19. Anonymous

    Jen was quoted the other day talking about how she hasn’t set foot in studio in over a year…if she hasn’t worked, what is the reason for a nanny?

  20. Anonymous

    What is the reason for the nanny?
    Because she wants one and like most celebrities can obviously afford one (or 2 or 3). Unlike certain other celebs though, Garner seems to be a real hands on mom and spends a lot of time with her kids one-on-one WITHOUT a nanny by her side 24/7. Most of us would probably jump at the chance for an extra set of hands even if like her we genuinely like to be with our kids.

  21. Anonymous

    what stroller is that?

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