Kourtney Kardashian’s Pregnancy Panic Attacks

Morning sickness, weight gain, swollen ankles and exhaustion: All part of the joy of pregnancy. But panic attacks? Kourtney Kardashian reveals that she’s been experiencing a few terrifying moments during her second pregnancy.

“Here we are at LAX on my birthday after arriving home from a birthday trip to Mexico. I have been claustrophobic just recently in my third trimester of my pregnancy. I had a small panic attack in customs when they stopped everyone in a tunnel,” the reality star, mom to 2-year-old son Mason, writes on her blog. “Looking behind me all I could see was people and in front of me tons of people and I couldn’t even tell where the tunnel ended. I had to just run to the front of the line because I literally couldn’t breathe. It’s a horrible feeling and I’m hoping that it goes away after my pregnancy. I hate that feeling of being trapped with no control. Ahhh deep breath!”

The scary incident happened while Kourtney, who is expecting a daughter with her longtime partner Scott Disick, and Mason were making their way through LAX on April 18.

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  • Anonymous

    Funny how she didn’t think she’d get the same type of relief by running to the END of the line.

  • Anonymous

    As a sufferer of panic attacks myself I can completely understand how she’s feeling. Never heard of someone experiencing them JUST through pregnancy before.

    • Anonymous

      I have, but I don’t really think that’s what happened here.

  • Jodi

    I got them all the time through both of my pregnancies. Very scary!

  • Anonymous

    I could see how that could happen a woman has so many things going on with their body while pregnant ! I actually really like kourtney I think she’s oddly practical for a kardashian, also seems like a good mom .

  • Janna

    Never suffered through them during pregnancy, that must be awful.

  • Anonymous

    she needs to “nest” and at this time
    put a STOP to the Kartrashian Pimping that never seems to let up

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure that “she” can decide what she “needs” without any help or advice from a total stranger on the internet!

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