Giuliana Rancic: “This Truly Is A Miracle Baby”

Giuliana and Bill Rancic give an exclusive interview to US Weekly talking about the exciting arrival of their baby. The E! News anchor says, “We are so blessed! This truly is a miracle baby.”

The couple open up on how they met their surrogate and how they found out the baby news in the issue.

Bill also says they plan to be in the delivery room.

Giuliana adds, “It will be the best moment of our lives.”

Last week she was surprised with a baby shower thrown by her co-workers. On the event she said, “I was shocked!”

The pair do know the gender of the baby but are keeping it to themselves. Their little one is due in June.

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Photo credit: US Weekly


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  1. Anonymous

    Not due in June. They said late summer.

  2. Courtney

    @Anon exactly late summer would be august/september.

  3. Anonymous

    Tone down the luminescent teeth ppl!

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah, June doesn’t make sense. The Gestational Carrier was 7 weeks pregnant around the Golden Globes according to the reality show. The baby is probably due around September.

  5. Anonymous

    Surrogacy is a miracle? How so?

  6. Anonymous

    Being able to make an embryo outside the uterus and then successfully transfer it into a uterus is pretty miraculous to me! Regardless, my baby was conceived naturally and I consider him a miracle!!

    So happy for them!!!

  7. Margaret

    Congratulations, may God bless you with many more beautiful kids

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