J.R. Martinez Reveals Special Meaning Behind Daughter’s Name

It seems Dancing With the Stars season 13 champ J.R. Martinez, 28, and his girlfriend Diana Gonzalez-Jones named their newborn daughter after two very special people.

“Her first name, Lauryn, is after Diana’s younger sister who passed away unexpectedly earlier this year,” J.R. explains to PEOPLE. “And her middle name, Anabelle, is after my sister who passed away when she was 6.”

Although the proud parents decided to give their daughter – who was born with “a full head of hair” and affectionately referred to as “our little lamb” – personally meaningful names, they also agreed to change up the spelling so that “[Lauryn] will have her own identity.”

“It’s wonderful to call her by her name, finally,” J.R. expresses.

The happy couple welcomed baby Lauryn yesterday (May 2).

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  • Arabella

    How sweet and touching story behind the name Lauryn Anabelle.

  • Anabelle

    It is sweet the reasoning behind the name, but, personally, I’d hate to be named after two dead people! x

  • Carlotta

    That is really dear. I adore this couple

  • Anonymous

    Well Anabelle – at least they picked a normal name unlike the ridiculous made up names that they other morons pick.

  • Anonymous

    Lots of kids are named after deceased relatives to honor them. I don’t see a big deal about it.

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