Linda Evangelista: François-Henri Pinault Told Me To Get An Abortion

Things are getting uglier between Linda Evangelista and François-Henri Pinault!

The lawyer for the supermodel – who is seeking $46,000 in monthly child-support payments for her 5-year-old son Augustin with the French billionaire – reportedly asserted in a Manhattan family courtroom Thursday that Pinault “suggested she terminate the pregnancy.”

Speaking in court, Pinault – the husband of actress Salma Hayek – said he was “not involved in the decision” to have the child, but promised Evangelista he would “recognize the baby,” New York Daily News reports.

Pinault’s lawyer later denied the termination of pregnancy claim.

In the first day that the case was heard, the model’s attorney William Beslow said that her response to Pinault’s abortion suggestion was, “She would support the child herself, since he had made it perfectly clear to her that he had no interest in doing so.”

Beslow also said Evangelista has covered all expenses for most of Augustin’s life, and that her nearly $1.8 million-a-year deal with L’Oreal ended last year.

Reportedly, the $46,000 a month being requested would include up to $16,000 for armed ex-NYPD detective chauffeurs and $7,000 in nanny fees.

Pinault and Hayek are parents to 4-year-old daughter Valentina.

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  1. NYCMommy

    Perhaps a little foresight and a condom could have avoided such requests as child support or abortion (not in that order). What is up with people having uprotected sex with flings (example Mel B and Eddie Murphy) The pregnancy last longer than relationship.

    • anonymous2

      VERY well said!!!! The guy can ask her to abort if he wants to- that’s his right – but since he cant force her to do it- (youd think a billionaire might know better) he’d try and prevent these accidental pregnancies himself!! I guess having money doesn’t mean you’re smart.

  2. Anonymous

    This poor child caught in the middle of all this
    for ever after he will know and be taunted that his father wanted him aborted
    its not like his **&^ of a father cannot afford the child support
    he is a Billionaire
    If Pinaut did not want children He should have taken control of his own sperm and birth control as in getting a snip snip of his reporduction parts

    • Anonymous

      If child is caught in middle it is because his mother cant keep her mouth shut. That is hurtful for her to talk about his desire to abort publicly and asking for such an obsene amount of money monthly regardless of his father’s wealth shows she obviously is not thinking about her son just being selfish and vindicative.
      He did not to abort his son he wanted to abort a fetus and that kid is not the only kid in the world that was almost aborted.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not obscene. Why do you people not THINK about this???

        The child’s father is worth BILLIONS. Is the child not entitled to live like his father is a BILLIONAIRE? Take the mother out of the equation for a second and tell me if you think that he should be raised any differently that Salma Hayek’s daughter.

        Sheesh, this is not a difficult concept.

      • Anonymous

        That fetus was/is his son so how did he not want to abort his son? Your comment makes absolutely no sense. But I guess you are one of those people that don’t believe a baby is a human being until they are born, right?

        • Anonymous

          Correct, an embryo is not a human being, it’s an embryo. Just like a sperm isn’t half a human being. Take a biology class. Or go pray to your imaginary god if that make you feel better.

          • Anonymous

            So tell me oh wise biology major.. when does a fetus/embryo become a baby? When it has a heart beat? When it can feel pain? When it can live outside the womb (there are babies born at 24 weeks that have survived) or does a baby have to be full term at 37 weeks to be a real human being?

            Tell any woman who has had a miscarriage before the baby is 10 weeks that it wasn’t a baby but a clump of cells that didn’t mean anything and see whats she says.

          • Shannon

            Wow! Alot of judgement here about the abortion issue as usual. I don’t think anyone is saying that if you suffer a miscarriage “it was just a clump of cells that didn’t mean anything”. Scientifically proven, it IS just a bunch of cells, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love the baby that is starting to grow inside of you, nor would ANYBODY tell you that you have no right to be sad unless they are plain ignorant. Now on the other hand, it is not right to tell people who choose to terminate accidental pregnancies at an early stage they are “killing the baby” and how those cells can feel pain. That is not based on any scientific facts and you should let people live their lives the way they choose, just as they let you.
            Now that that is said, I am sorry, but the model’s lawyer said it all. She said she would not abort but would support the child herself. I am sorry, but if you say that, then be prepared to be a woman about it and do it. She makes enough money on her own as it is. I know plenty of single mothers who chose not to get abortions much to the father’s dismay, and they have raised the children 100% alone with not even a quarter of Ms. Evangelista’s income. I think she is just trying to be a selfish woman and I don’t think she is going to use that child support on that child, but rather on her “extensive beauty treatments” she claims she needs. Her own words keep damning her case and making her look bad. It almost makes me wonder if she just didn’t abort because she thought she could squeeze money out of this guy since he is worth billions. We don’t need any more selfish mothers in this world who just see their children as a paycheck.

      • Autre

        Agreed. As this story has unfolded, I’ve come to have an increasingly negative impression of Evangelista because her actions in handling this dispute are so vicious and unreasonable. $46,000 a month is absurd, not because Pinault is a billionaire and can afford it, because it does not take $46,000 per month to raise a child. So many parents live on less than that each year, and are still able to support their child or children. Yes, Henri can afford it, but the things this money is purportedly going to are ridiculous and extravagant. She is hardly notable enough anymore for anyone to attempt to kidnap her son for ransom (unless they don’t know who she it, probable).
        It is not wrong to not want to have a child with a certain person, and it is solely the choice of each individual whether or not to, whether that means a woman gets an abortion or a man chooses not to be in his child’s life. One can only make choices for oneself.

        • Anonymous

          It DOES take $46,000 per month to raise the SON OF A BILLIONAIRE.

          This has nothing to do with other parents. Only a non-thinking person would keep bringing that up.

          Part of these people’s lives is being ridiculous and extravagent. His child with the other woman gets treated ridiculously and extravegently. Explain why this child shouldn’t be entitled to the same.

  3. Denise

    The only one who is going to suffer from all this hate is the child. Wake up. Put him first settle you arguements and do right by your son. $ 46,000 per month, round the clock nannies, a driver. Come on he is not paying for a marraige settlement cause you were never married. He should pay child support for his son not you too. Get a job and help support your child too. Sounds like your are a money hungry mommie to me.

  4. Anonymous

    I doubt Pinault told her to terminate the pregnancy. The two of them are complete idiots though, middle aged people acting like immature high school teenagers. He was incredibly stupid not to use a condom, and she appears to be a greedy opportunist going for far more money than she or any child needs on a monthly basis.

  5. Lu

    Poor boy having these 2 as parent! I think he has the right to have the best from his father,not just $$$ but love too.But his mother is using him to get his father’s $$,and that is a shame.Augustin has the right not Linda.And if he asked her to have an abortion It was his right,he didn’t want to have a family w/ her ( I think men have that right to ask never to force,but ask is ok).I think the worst part is that she dicided she wanted the child and he didn’t step up to suport or to build a relationship with his son,to me that is more disturbing than the abortion thing.

  6. Anonymous

    She should get together with Gabriel Aubrey, they have so much in common. Using children to extort money from their ex-partners.

  7. Anonymous

    i dont see a problem with the amount she is demanding for but for her to say she works 16hours straight and then on days she doesn’t work she has to build her image. what time does she spend with this child. i think the father was right she should have had an abortion.

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe the father could have stepped up and, I dont know, BEEN A PARENT!

      The choice is either the mother care for him round-the-clock or have an abortion?

      • Anonymous

        yes that is the choice. she got pregnant accidentally- he didn’t want a child with her. if she chooses to continue the pregnancy that’s on her.

        • Anonymous

          I couldn’t agree with you more! If the woman wants to keep the baby despite the father telling her he wants nothing to do with it then the burden is on her. And those people talking about using a condom–how do we know one wasn’t used? Sometimes they break.

        • Rebecca

          Wrong. It takes two to tango. Therefore it takes two to deal with the resulting consequences of said tango, especially when a child is involved. If she made the decision to keep her child, he is required to support that child. It has nothing to do whether or not the child was the result of an accident.

          • Anonymous

            So it takes 2 to have sex, and 2 should support the kid, but 1 gets to decide if she wants an abortion or not? Explain how that’s fair.

          • Rebecca

            Wait, what? I wasn’t talking about the abortion, I was talking about whether or not he should have to support the child. Fairness doesn’t come into it.

            And I’m saying it doesn’t matter whether or not the child “should” have been aborted — the fact that the child is born and exists means that he is entitled to have support from both his parents, whether it’s by actually stepping up and being a parent (Evangelista) or by sending money (Pinault). If Pinault isn’t planning on being an active parent, then he needs to at least make with the child support. Has nothing to do with “fair,” that’s just a law that forces deadbeat dads to take responsibility for their offspring.

  8. Amy

    You all should take some law classes. When child support is awarded, it is based on the income. That is why Gabriel Audry gets so much money from Halle Barry. The courts see that the child should have the same lifestyle in both homes, no matter what. So yes, this woman could and has supported the child on her own, but the court will still award her more money because she legally has the right to give the child the same lavish lifestyle that he would have if he was in the care of his father, who is a billionaire.

  9. Kate O

    Linda is such a vacuous woman

  10. shawnna

    $46,000 a month is more than enough some people raise 4 kids or more with no help for less than that a year

  11. another one

    when i saw the picture of francois-henri i just realized that valantina is a spitting image of her dad!!

  12. Anon.

    It’s not the amount. Her child is an equal biological child as Salma’s and should get an equal share. If it was my son, I would want him to receive the equal. Difference between her and me, I wouldn’t be using it to heavily pawn my son off on other caregivers. (I’m not claiming that is what she would do – just guessing). This is one case where she didn’t seem to be planning much of her own time to be spent with him. (Of course again I’m only guessing). As a middle class parent, I see myself saving a great portion for his college, maybe private schools, etc. But then I’ve never been rich and enjoyed my time with my kids when they were young,.

  13. I Me Mine

    I don’t believe a word she says. She’ll say whatever she has to to make the ex look bad. The only one who will be hurt is Augie, when he grows up and reads these things. She doesn’t care about her son being equal to the daughter, she cares about maintaining her own lifestyle and ‘image’. Now that the big contracts are drying up, she has to go to plan B. Remember her famous quote? Now it’s “I won’t get out of bed for less than $46,000 a month.” Or is it, “I’ll only get INTO bed for $46,000 a month.”?

  14. Pattie

    I feel sorry for this little boy. Dad should fix his junk. Did he think eventually that he wouldn’t have to pay when you play. He sounds like a pompous ass who has used many people. And Mom, despite the fact that it is BOTH parents responsiblility financially, emotionally and every other which way, If you made the decision to keep the child, carry this child for nine months and make the statement that you will take care of this child, then step up and do it. She makes enough money and the world isn’t fair monetarily. Has anyone seen the children in third world countries starving to death. The only time it would be juistified for her to go after this guy for that rediculous sum of cash, is if the father decides to become disney dad all of a sudden. So be reasonable, and make him sign a leagal document that does not allow him to have any say in the childs life unless the child wants him to in the future and settle for one lump sum in some sort of trust fund that the CHILD will get. Let the little guy know how much mom loves him and that he is the most important thing in her universe and show him when he is old enough you didn’t want anything, but him and then tell him about his trust fund. He will be sad for dads choices, but they can maybe repair that relationship down the line, but trust me when I tell you, he will never feel unloved. There are many well adjusted children in worst situations where daddy leaves mommy, shacks up with another and takes care of the new kiddies, but forgets the one’s left behind. When the child is old enough, begin to explain the truth in small doses so that the child doesn’t find out the whole ugly truth in one day and stick a needle in his arm to “stop from feeling the hurt”. Its o.k. to tell children what is going on and that dad (or mom) is a jerk. There are lots of jerks in the world both moms and dads. Those are the cold hard facts, but your teaching him you stood by him with all the love in your heart and you hope he will be that kind of parent to his own children some day. You never know, his father may need him some day. He can smile, and then he will have the CHOICE of whether he wants to be a part of that.

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