Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off Baby Photos On ‘The Tonight Show’

Robert Downey Jr. appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Thursday (May 4) showing off photos of his 8-week-old son Exton Elias.

Before showing a picture of the baby wearing a striped jacket and orange pants – The Avengers star teased before the first picture was displayed, “I would get in huge trouble. I have to exercise just a little restraint. I’m sorry. I mean. . .if you want me to I will.”

US Weekly reports during the first photo he said, “He’s so darn cute, isn’t he? You get one, that’s it. Unless of course you want to see the other one.”

A lovely closeup of Susan and Exton is then shown.

Exton is his first child with wife Susan. He also has an 18-year-old son named Indio.

Recently while he was traveling to promote the movie in Europe the actor shared, “I love being a father again, it’s brilliant. Exton’s really cute and I miss him a lot.”

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Photo credit: NBC/The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

  • Anonymous


  • NYCMommy

    I know the baby is super young but does anyone else think he looks alot like his dad?

    • Anonymous

      He is soo cute, and I was thinking the same thing – he looks just like his dad.

  • Jazz

    What a beautiful little man!

  • Anonymous


  • Crystal

    He looks sooo much like his daddy Robert is a lucky man

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