Best Pictures Of The Week

We love seeing pictures of our favorite celebrities and their adorable families!

And we’ve seen some great pics this week! Sarah Michelle Gellar debuted her baby bump alongside her adorable 2-year-old daughter Charlotte. We also spotted Alyson Hannigan and her burgeoning belly at the park with her sweet family, and we caught our first glimpse of Jennifer Garner out and about with baby Samuel.

Take a look through our top 20+ best pictures of the week…

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/Bauer Griffin/FameFlynet/ Media/Splash


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  1. Anonymous

    Charlotte looks exactly like Adam Sandler’s girls. But isn’t it strange that there has never been any photos of Charlotte out with her father yet we see Adam with his girls all the time.

  2. Anonymous

    There have been several pictures with the complete Gellar-Prinze family. They just were not posted here. Example:

    • another one

      thanks! it seems like this statement comes again and again and again….

      i don’t understand why all the people are saying they never see charlotte out & about with her dad. freddie seems always to be VERY pissed if papparazzies are taking pictures of him. so i guess he just avoids the places where he could be photographed at all. and you actually see him rarely out + about – with or without charlotte + sarah. so i don’t that this is an indication of any troubles they could have.

  3. another one

    oh and i forgot: charlotte does so NOT look like adams girls. not a little bit. i mean same hair colour but… did you take a closer look?? charlotte is REALLY cute. i don’t want to offend sadie and sunny (not shure if my spelling is right) – they are sweet in their ways…

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