John Edwards Faces Prison For Using ‘Hush Money’ From Elderly Heiress

The trial of former presidential hopeful, John Edwards, 58, sank to new lows Friday after a bombshell testimony from Bryan Huffman. Allegedly, Huffman’s 101-year-old friend, Rachel ‘Bunny’ Mellon, unknowingly provided the ‘hush money’ used by the Senator to cover up his affair with his pregnant mistress Rielle Hunter, RadarOnline reports.

Bunny met the Democratic presidential contender in 2005 at her Virginia home, and was so impressed with him that she immediately permitted him to use her personal plane. “Bunny was euphoric with the visit,” Huffman told the court.

“There goes the next president of the United States,” Bunny said to Huffman as Edwards left in a taxi.

Huffman said she then contributed $725,000 to Edwards’ presidential campaign.

Huffman went on to say that Bunny was so impressed with Edwards, she made sure that her lawyer was unaware of her under-the-table donations, which is alleged to have formed the bulk of the secret fund intended to keep Hunter’s presence a secret.

But the bottom line: Bunny was unaware of how the money was spent, Huffman said.

In addition to the $725,000 for Edwards, Bunny donated an additional $6 million to his political action committee and non-profit organization.

Reportedly, Edwards asked Bunny for an additional $3 million just before his indictment.

Edwards is charged with violating campaign finance laws by using nearly $1 million from donors to hide his pregnant mistress, and he could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

The cover-up money became known as “Bunny money” and was disguised as payments for furniture.

“It gave her something to look forward to,” Huffman told the court. “The campaign gave her a wonderful focus and something to really hold onto.”

Edwards and his late wife Elizabeth had been married for nearly 33 years when the news of the scandal broke. The couple had four children together. Their eldest child, son Wade, died in a 1996 car accident. In August 2008, Edwards admitted to having an affair with Hunter, but repeatedly denied being the father of her child until daughter Quinn was 2-years-old.

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  • Denise

    They both are despicable people. He had a supportive w ife of 33 years. Taking up that that gold digger was his down fall. Should have kept it in his pants. Ruining his life, his career, disgracing his marraige. For what that woman. So not worth it. His children are the real losers in this entire mess.

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