Linda Evangelista & François-Henri Pinault Reach Child-Support Agreement

Just before Linda Evangelista was about to the take the stand Monday, lawyers reached a settlement in the nasty child-support case between the Canadian supermodel and French billionaire François-Henri Pinault, who’s now married to Salma Hayek.

The terms of the last-minute agreement are unknown, according to the New York Post. Outside the courthouse Monday, Pinault’s lawyer, David Aronson told reporters, “Everybody’s glad for the sake and the benefit of the child that it’s done.”

A rep for Evangelista did not release a comment. After court Evangelista and Pinault, who had did not made eye contact during the trial, were seen talking to each other.

The model, 46, had been seeking $46,000 in monthly child-support payments for their 5-year-old son Augustin, whom they refer to as ‘Augie.’

The bitter battle included claims that Pinault had “suggested she terminate the pregnancy.”

Reportedly, Pinault had asked Evangelista not to go public with her claim for support because his then-girlfriend, actress Salma Hayek, was having a “difficult pregnancy.”

He said, “We were told the baby had Down syndrome until late May 2007. I asked Linda to delay [Augie’s] legal recognition process until after the birth of Valentina.”

It was revealed last year that Pinault, who wed Hayek in 2009, had fathered a child with Evangelista.

The French businessman has two other children from a previous marriage, which ended in divorce in 2004, and a 4-year-old daughter, Valentina, with Hayek.

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  1. Anonymous

    How can she even lay down with that thing?

  2. Lola

    Now please don’t kill me for this – but what is so bad about him suggesting an abortion? I mean, he’s entitled to as much of an opinion about the child as she is – having a baby is soemthing that changes both their lives.
    Now, if he would have physically forced her to get one – yes, I’d get the outcry… But simply suggesting ist?

    • jacquie109

      I won’t kill ya lola 😉 I actually agree. I think both parents have a right to state their opinion. If a woman doesn’t want a child she can abort regaurdless of whether or not the father wants the child, but a man can’t say he doesn’t want a child and choose whether or not he’s a part of the child’s life if the mother decides to go through with the pregnancy? I think that’s incredibly wrong. I think if a woman has a child that she knows the father of the child doesn’t want it should be up to her to support that child. Force is a much different thing than choice.

      • Anonymous

        Can you imagine if what you’re proposing were law? Any man who didn’t want to support his child could just up and say, “I didn’t want it”. Are you insane? Do you know why child support exist the way they do? Because it’s BOTH people’s responsibility to support the child.

        Biologically, women get the choice before and after they become pregnant. Men only get the choice before. That’s nature and no amount of whining about will change anything. But allowing men to “opt out” of supporting a child that THEY created is just opening up millions of children to a life of poverty.

      • Anonymous

        Uh the money is for the CHILD not the mother. Why should a father opt out in financially supporting a child and making the child live in poverty just so he can have it easy?? Almost all families with 2 parents can’t afford their family on one income with just one parent working so both parents have to work to support their kids and you are honestly saying any guy who doesn’t want to see his own biological child can just neglect it and not pay anything for the kid. That’s sick. It NATURE AND BIOLOGY that women carry and create life inside their bodies and that’s why they have rights to their own bodies and make the ultimate choice whether or not they keep the baby or abort because guess what abortion is something that is happening to their bodies with many effects.

        Are you a woman? I can’t believe there is actually a woman who doesn’t put a childs interest and needs first. Child support isn’t about what’s in best interest for a father nor what is best interest for a mother it’s about what’s best interest for the CHILD. And 2 people financially supporting the child is what the child needs. I thought women were suppose to be motherly by nature i guess for some women it’s not, since you truly want a child to suffer so a man can have it easier.

  3. Anonymous

    He never wanted an abortion for his precious valentina or his 2 other kids. Regardless of his relationship with his childs mother, he should have accepted his responsibility without complaints.

  4. Good Luck To Them

    I’m sure he is happy now that Linda did not get a divorce since his son is normal. It is unfortunate that Salma’s daughter has Down’s but he has the money to buy her the best education for children with special needs.

  5. Good Luck To Them

    I meant to write abortion not divorce.

  6. Anonymous

    How did he let this situation get this Far ?
    he is a Billionaire and a business man how embarrassing to let this get out of hand. Many of you are fixated on ther $ 46,000 a month Linda was asking which in Pinualts universe does not even put a dent in his wallet
    if he paid this till the kid get to age 18 its still cheaper than what it takes maintain his private jet

    • Anonymous

      I’m curious as to why no one has really read what’s going on here. She NEVER asked for $46,000 per month. Her expense statement shows she is SPENDING $46,000 per month on this child with schooling, nannies, round-the-clock bodyguards, etc. She never ASKED for any specific amount.

      (Of course, the hags here who will rail against this woman don’t want to read facts, so please move on to bashing the next celebrity for feeding their child a hot dog or letting them outside of the house without a coat when its 62 degrees out.)

    • Anonymous9

      That was my question, too. How in the world do you let this get to a point where people are sitting in court talking about your private business when you can write a check for money you won’t even miss and make it all go away? It’s latte money to him and yet he sat there and let the world hear about the whole mess.

  7. Elaine

    Salma Hayek needs to get divorced from this creep as soon as possible. I wish that she had never even met the bum because he is so disgusting.

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