Leigh-Allyn Baker: Pregnant With Baby No. 2

Leigh-Allyn Baker has co-starred on the Disney Channel’s hit show Good Luck Charlie for the past two seasons and in the upcoming third season her character, Amy Duncan, is pregnant. Luckily for Baker, the actress really is expecting with baby number two!

The mother of 3-year old Griffin with husband, Keith Kauffman, dishes to ForKidsEntertainment.com about what to expect on GLC and how her real-life experiences coincide with her character’s.

On getting pregnant again: “If Amy can do it again, I can do it surely,” she giggled. “It was time to decide if we wanted a second one or not and I wanted to plan it where I was able to deliver when we were finished with the third season so I could hopefully enjoy a few months with the baby and then go back to work. Or, at least I could enjoy my last season of Good Luck Charlie if they don’t pick it up again.”

On educating GLC’s writers about pregnancy: “I’ve suggested a few things to them… it’s interesting, most of the writers on the show are men. So they have one idea of pregnancy and I have another [laughs]. Sometimes we butt heads on what a real pregnancy is like. Of course their perspective is as the father and what they watched their wife go through. My perspective is a real perspective because I’m actually going through it. We find a happy medium of that.”

On working during her first trimester with ‘pregnancy-brain:’ “Okay… The first three months – I’m not going to lie – were very difficult. They would try and nit pick me on words on a line and I would say ‘you guys don’t know how lucky you are that I remembered where I work, let alone my lines [laughs].’”

To read more of Leigh-Allyn Baker’s interview, please go to ForKidsEntertainment.com.

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  • ER

    Congratulations, Leigh-Allyn!

    I love her as Amy on Good Luck Charlie! I watched the GLC movie, with my daughter, we were excited to learn Amy Duncan was having baby number 5 😛

  • SMH

    She is due in September love GLC!

  • LoveGLC

    I love GLC!!! My kids and I watch it together. Leigh-Allyn is a hoot!!!! She is my hero! I’m so excited and happy for her and her hubby to welcome baby #2. I’m sure GLC will be picked up again. It’s awesome!

  • Nini

    good luck charlie (:

  • daniella207

    Omg i cant believe shes actually pregnant. congrats leigh! i love GLC charlie is so cute. good luck charlie

  • Anonymous

    Love GLC!!!! i am 41 and sometimes watch it AFTER my kids are in bed!!!! lol!!! Leigh Ann is great in this show, as are all of them! Definitely heads above every other Disney show on!!!

  • Anonymous

    Love GLC!!!! i am 41 and sometimes watch it AFTER my kids are in bed!!!! lol!!! Leigh Ann is great in this show, as are all of them! Definitely heads above every other Disney show on!!!

  • flychick86

    I think I read about her being preggers. Congrats!

  • flychick86

    I read where she was actually preggers. Congrats! Also, just sayin, but I think about how the show is sometimes and the laugh track.

  • mikayla

    I love this show! It’s the only good show left on disney channel! Shake it up is definitely the worst! I don’t know why they don’t take that terrible show off Disney!!! But I love GLC! I’m 15 and I still watch it!(: lol

  • Anonymous

    I love good luck charlie.. it’s a good show.. Ant Farm is pretty good too..

    • I agree. GLC and Ant Farm are the two best shows on the Disney Channel. The creators have succeeded in making a show that appeals to all ages. I am 47 and not ashamed to say that I watch it. Sometimes with my daughter, sometimes without her. That Ivy Wentz is sumpm.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE GLC! How would they not pick it up for another 5 seasons!

  • carcy

    This is truly a fun family show. There really should be more like it!!! Congrats to Amy (on the show and in real life)!

  • Nicole

    Hey my name is Nicole I am 15 and my mom and I watch glc as much as we can we can’t wait 2 learn the name of the baby and the gender…. Congrats on the real baby… I feel like this show should go all the way!!! I hope it last 10 more seasons!!! I’ve always wanted 2 do this but good luck Charlie!! 🙂

  • Mom of 3

    I’m 42 with 3 young children and we all love GLC! It’s great having a show that is hilariously family oriented! Awesome show!

  • Yoona

    Too bad this might be the end of GLC. Either that or someone needs to leave the show. I really like this show. If they take this away, we’ll be stuck with crap shows like ANT Farm and Austin & Ally.

  • Soleil

    Hey, I am 10 years old and I just wanted know the gender of the baby and when is the episode of the Special Delivery of the baby !!! Me and my mom always watch Good Luck Charlie (GLC) and well we were both wondering sense you guys named the show after the youngest child “Charlie” (Charlotte) so we were wondering are you going to change the name of the show to Good Luck and what the name of the new Duncan baby is going to be! And is Bridget going to make video diarys for the new baby or just still Mia or Both of them that is a good idea right !!! (: (;
    Your’s Truly,

  • Clar

    I wonder if she wants to have more kids in real life??? I LOVE GLC! I have aleready have watched special delivery 3 times after it came on! Love how they have the kid in the back of an ice cream truck!!

  • Robert K. Tompsett

    Good Luck Charley has to last at least 20 more seasons! I want to see how Mia (Charley) becomes an accomplished actress.

  • Monica

    I love watching Good Luck Charlie its my favorite! I could literally watch it all day its such a funny and bubbly show 🙂 I do hope there are Many more seasons to come! Good luck Leigh-Allyn you are such a great actor and mommy !

  • Congratulations on the new baby!

  • cute congrats hope we all see her soon stuipid lololoolololoolololololololoolololololollololololoollooll

  • Zahra

    First of all I am such a huge fan of good luck Charlie 1st best pograme on my list i have watched every single episode not one i missed.
    allyn you are so funny and such a great actress you are a good mother to the duncan kids and bridgett mender is very sweet you two just look like sisters I swear and Jason he is so hot and funny and gabe he reminds me of my son gabe is so sweet and eric can I ask you question actually are you married to Eric in real life?anyway perfect to be your husband

  • lynch4sure

    Congrats Leigh-Allyn. I am 11 and I love GLC with all my heart. Amy is my favourite.
    I love the part in the last episode where you said his middle name was wan konobi. I would love to meet you!!!

  • brittany

    Me and my three daughters loooive good luck charlie…watching it right now!!!!

  • Luci

    I love good luck Charlie. I wish I could watch it 24/7

  • Luci

    I love good luck Charlie. I wish I could watch it 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arianna

    Omg…. I love GLC that is the only show I watch + shake it up and austin& ally

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