Molly Sims On Baby Names, Maternity Fashion & Her “Exploding” Third Trimester

Las Vegas star Molly Sims is weeks away from motherhood and “so excited” to meet her baby boy. The model-actress says it’s been a “good” pregnancy, but admits she feels like she’s “exploding” now that the third trimester has hit.

Molly opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about surprising an audience of lucky moms on Friday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show with a Sleep Number bed. The blonde beauty goes on to talk about narrowing down baby names (“I love Asher, Quinn, and Ford”), her top maternity fashion tips, and welcoming her first child a little later in life with husband Scott Stuber: “I never thought I would have children young,” she says.

CBS: Tell us about surprising an audience of lucky moms on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday!

MS: “A couple of months ago I got a Sleep Number bed because I’ve been having trouble sleeping. They’re amazing beds! The bottom of it comes up for when your feet swell, and you can also bring the back up. I’m a ’60’ and my husband is a ’40’ on our personal Sleep Number setting. I’m such a huge fan of the bed, they contacted me and we arranged to give all the women at Ellen a free Sleep Number bed for Mother’s Day!

And being pregnant, it’s really — I mean really — important to have a comfortable bed when you’re trying to sleep in your third trimester.”

CBS: How are you feeling? How’s your pregnancy been going?

MS: “I’m good. Now that I’m in my third trimester, it’s a whole new thing [laughs]! I feel like I’m exploding! I’m due in little over a month. It’s been a good pregnancy, though.

They say you’re sick in the first trimester, you glow in the second, and you feel like an alien in the third. It’s kind of true! You really start to feel big and uncomfortable, but it’s so fun to be able to feel him – it’s just the best feeling in the world.”

CBS: Do you have any names picked out for your baby boy?

MS: “We do, but my husband wants to wait to meet him until we decide. I’m like, ‘We’re going to get stressed, let’s decide’ So we had ‘naming-baby-day’ the other day and — this sounds terrible — but we narrowed it down to 8! We cannot make a decision!

For my husband the name has to have three criteria: how will it sound over a loud speaker if they’re announcing him at a sports arena, will he be made fun of in fifth grade, and does it have any meaning? Those are his three rules.

I love Asher, Quinn, and Ford – those are in my top 8.”

CBS: How are you feeling about the upcoming birth?

MS: “I’m excited and nervous! We went for the hospital tour the other day which made it more real. We don’t know what we’re going to do at the birth: [either] C-section or natural. We’re just going to wait and see what he does. Right now it’s just a waiting game. But a friend of ours had her baby on the way to the hospital, so I’m hoping that doesn’t happen to me!

But we’re planning for a birth in the hospital and I’m hoping it won’t be a C-section. I don’t think anybody really wants a C-section – that’s surgery which scares me! But whatever has to happen is fine.”

CBS: How have you been preparing for motherhood?

MS: “I read a lot. I got this awesome book from my doctor called Expecting 411. It’s kind of a guide and it let’s you know all the things to expect.

But the whole thing is kind of confusing, to be honest. There’s so much information it can be overwhelming.”

CBS: Are you hoping to breastfeed?

MS: “Yes, I’m hoping! I hope, hope, hope so much because it’s ‘liquid gold’ and it’s such a great bonding experience. I’m really hoping that my milk comes in. The benefits are just so amazing and I think it’s the best thing you can do if you can do it. If you can’t, I don’t want to get upset about it. But I really want to breastfeed so badly.”

CBS: You’ve been staying in great shape. Are you worried about losing the baby weight?

MS: “Yah, of course! I just sucked myself into a dress that I had to wear a jacket over because I’m fat and my back was spilling over! But I’ve been great with this baby and feeding him so well and really being conscious of being healthy as opposed to being obsessed about being thin. In that way, it’s been a wonderful way to concentrate on something else.”

CBS: We’re loving your maternity style! Can you give us some fashion tips?

MS: “I love long skirts. And I love Rachel Pally because it’s so comfortable and stretchy, yet holds you in.

People think you should dress bigger. But the tighter you dress, the thinner you look. I know it sounds weird, but when you add so many layers on you just end up looking big. But if you focus on really showing off your belly, somehow it makes you look thinner.

And I started using a trick which I’m wearing to the Battleship premiere: a great little belt high up on my belly. That kind of breaks things up (photo above at Thursday’s premiere).”

Alice + Olivia has these amazing accordion dresses at the bottom, but have a stretch tank at the top. Those are awesome!

I try to look good…Instead of just throwing on one dress, I end up trying on five dresses these days!”

CBS: Why did you wait until your late 30s to have your first child?

MS: “I never thought I would have children young. I think I was waiting for the right man to come along. I’m so lucky, I can’t even begin to explain. I’ve found the perfect person and we’re good together and I think we’re going to be great parents. He’s on my team, and that’s something I’ve always really wanted. He’s the best thing in my life and we’re so excited to have a baby together!

We’re so excited to meet the baby! I was saying the other day, ‘I’m so excited I’ll have someone to talk to because the dogs can’t talk back.’ “

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she needs to grow up that’s what she signed up for when she decided to have a baby. some women that want to breastfeed can’t or have to stop early for medical reasons


I hope she picks Quinn. Dont like Asher and certainly not Ford.