Rielle Hunter & Her Energetic Quinn

Rielle Hunter and her daughter Quinn were seen running errands in North Carolina on Thursday (May 10). The 4-year-old was very energetic while holding her mom’s hand.

The former mistress of John Edwards has been in the headlines all week. The politician may be asked to take the stand during his trial on charges he covered up the affair with the help of illegal campaign contributions.

People reports Edwards’s former speechwriter Wendy Button testified on Tuesday that he had told her he loved Hunter in July 2009. He also described the relationship as complicated. At the time Edwards was practicing what he would say at a press conference where he planned to admit he was the father of Quinn.

When Button asked if the affair was still going on, he replied, “You’re not entitled to all the details.”

Whether Rielle will also take the stand is in question too.

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Photo credit: INFphoto.com

  • Anonymous

    I thought that they live in California. What are they in North Caroline? Quinn is cute…

  • erica

    please don’t have this person on the site, i have no interest in seeing pics of her.

  • Anonymous

    They have always lived in NC. They are close by to her father who is helping to raise the child. I don’t know if Rielle and John are still seeing each other or not any more, but he did take responsibility for the child and is active in her life (from what I have read and heard).

  • Anonymous

    Eww. This person is not a celebrity. She appears to be a gold-digging, home-wrecking tramp. Please do not include pictures of her on this site.

  • Sandra Reese

    I don’t want to here from her as I think she is not a very nice person as I really liked Elizabeth Edwards and she caused so much pain to this family. Please take her off of this screen in the future. God Bless his children from Elizabeth as they are going to need it. Pray for his parents as they recover from all the publicity.

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