Happy 6th Birthday Bluebell Halliwell!

Name: Bluebell Madonna Halliwell

Date of Birth: May 14, 2006

Parent: Geri Halliwell

Siblings: none


  • Bluebell was born via c-section at London’s Portland Hospital
  • Her father’s identity has never been revealed, although there has been reports it is British film director Sacha Gervasi (Geri has never confirmed this)
  • Her middle name honors two of her mother’s heroines: the Virgin Mary and singer Madonna
  • Her godparents are Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton and George Michael’s partner Kenny Goss


“What really clinched it for me was my mother telling me that the bluebell is increasingly rare – so it’s a precious flower, which seems just right for my daughter.” – Geri on the reasoning behind her daughter’s name.

“[Being a single mother] isn’t the ideal scenario. It’s quite tough. I wanted to write, because it meant I wouldn’t be at work all the time. I could work in the house and still spend plenty of time with my child. For me, it’s that balancing act between giving my child the time she needs, but also finding something that is going to satisfy me as a working woman. That is a real juggle.” – Geri on her daughter.

“I hate it when I don’t see Bluebell. It’s like I’m addicted to her.” – Geri on her feelings about being away from Bluebell.

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  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday, little angel! I wish you the best (:

    Oh, and her date of birth it’s wrong, isn’t it?

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