Helena Bonham Carter & Her Kids: Primrose Hill Trio

Helena Bonham Carter and her kids Billy Ray, 8, and Nell, 4, took a walk in Primrose Hill, London on Friday (May 11). The actress – known for her own unique style – wore a long dress with a form fitting buttoned jacket.

The actress recently confessed she wore “nappies” while working on the set of the Harry Potter film set. At the time she had given birth to Nell three months before.

She told The Sunday Times that she needed them because she “really couldn’t jump up and down and scream without losing most of my bodily liquid’.

When asked if anyone noticed she was wearing diapers she said, “None of the men. They don’t know, you see. But all the girls were, like, ‘How can you?’ But, actually, I don’t think I was too embarrassed. There’s something quite liberating about having a baby; there’s less, you know…”

Helena also said she would “have a baby every day”, adding, “The birth day is fantastic. It is magic. It is complete magic.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    um that’s just disgusting and unnecessary to share.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously you haven’t had a baby. It’s very common to not have control over your bladder after you’ve just had a baby. Sure not everyone goes through it, but a lot of people do. Do they wear diapers? Who knows, some may use women depends “diapers” or just use pads. who cares… better than having pee on your pants.

    • Autre


    • GeeWhiz

      I agree completely. It’s pretty common, and not something anyone should be embarassed to share.

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