Jennifer Garner: Ballet Treat For Mother’s Day

Jennifer Garner spent her Mother’s Day watching a dance recital at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center with her family. Violet, 6, wore a pink tutu for the show.

Ben Affleck was seen carrying Seraphina, 3. He was all smiles and in a playful mood. For fun he took a snapshot of the paparazzi with his camera. Jennifer had done the same thing the day before!

It looked like Samuel, 2 months, stayed at home. After the performance ended Jennifer carried out with her a small bouquet of pink roses.

It’s nice to see a happy Ben. After all the past months of working on Argo – it’s nice he gets some family time.

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  • freya

    Hummm Ben took photographs of the paps a few days ago as well and with Jen doing it recently I think they are probably documenting how close the paparazzi are getting to the children for some sort of legal reason rather than being playful as the article above put it. If this is what they are doing then good for them because there are so many images of their children on this site every week and i remember a photo of one of the girls in front of a window were the reflection showed dozens of men pretty close photographing her. And before any of you start going on about how they chose this life and if they didn’t want to be photographed then they wouldn’t be but what do you suggest? That their children live some sort of spoiled reclusive life? Why can’t they be normal children who go to ballet classes or the library? Does there really have to be so many paparazzi following them all the time and getting so close?

    • Kate

      I agree. I have a feeling the paps are getting out of control again. It’s easy to say they should just deal with it when all you see is the picture, and not the reverse angle or video. I remember years ago there were headlines about Jen snapping for no reason and the pics looked rather harmless. Then video of the incident came out and you could see a swarm of men crowding and even climbing on her car trying to get pictures of Violet in her carseat. I am really surprised that California hasn’t been able to enact greater privacy laws if nothing else at least when minors are involved. It’s one thing for kids to be photographed if their parents bring them to a red carpet event, but it’s an entirely different matter when they are being stalked to ballet, school, etc. I also think Ben and Jen were hoping if they just went about their daily lives people would get sick of seeing boring trips to ballet or the store but I don’t think that has worked out.

      • Anonymous

        Kate – good point about the video coverage. That’s fairly routine for Garner and various other celebs and particularly disturbing to see these strange men calling out the children’s names and chasing after them. Many of them have a rap sheet and I’ve read elsewhere that some are registered s&x offenders.

        Can’t believe that there are a few viewers on this site who insist that Garner contacts these vermin and ASKS them to take her picture.

        • Anonymous

          they publicly announce to the WORLD their children’s names. so yes, everyone knows their name. not a huge thing and they should be a little more private then.

          • Kookaburra

            I wonder how you would feel if everyone decided that the children of {Cashiers / Insurance Brokers / Secretaries / Teachers or whatever occupation you are} were fair game for paparazzi. You’d change your tune quickly.

            Invasive is invasive. And there is no cause for scaring children.

    • Anonymous

      Freya you are right… i like to see pics of this family, and jessica alba’s family,etc because they are natural and healthy people. but, they have facebook or twitter if u want to see pics. paparazzis are going so far with those families. they share things, interviews etc, why are they following at every single step? its mad… they cant live as we do…
      (sorry for my mistakes, im learning english)

      • Anonymous

        Jen Garner is not among the celebs who use and post pictures on Twitter & FB. Ben’s FB is not for sharing about his family and private life – he uses it to draw attention to his philanthropic work.

        • Anonymous

          therefore, they are boringggggggggggggggggggggggg! they need to get with the times already.

    • Kate O

      couldn’t agree more! Celebrities or not their kids should have some degree of privacy

  • Mags

    I for one have never bought into the theory that if you choose to be in movies or television that you have given up all rights to any privacy. It should be illegal for the paps to follow them.

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