Hank Baskett Carries His Cutie

So adorable!

Football pro Hank Baskett toted his 2-year-old son Hank Jr today as the pair were spotted leaving a doctor’s office in Los Angeles, California (May 15). Love those wild curls!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen little Hank or his mom Kendra Wilkinson. The former Girls Next Door star has been keeping busy these days working on her new reality show, Kendra on Top.

Despite her Playboy past, Kendra recently revealed that she has some body image insecurities, telling Life & Style, “My nose grew during pregnancy. My skin is something I’ve always been insecure with.” She went on to point out problems with her breasts, her behind and even her smile.

She says that her husband of almost 3 years helps to make her feel good about herself, though: “He makes me feel beautiful no matter what. He still thinks I’m beautiful.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • F.A.J

    Lil’Hank is A-D-0-R-A-B-L-E, but he needs a haircut a little bit. His hair looks like a bird nest now in my opinion.

  • Stellie

    he is the second most gorgeous baby boy i have ever seen. After my baby of course 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful child but seriously it’s time to cut the hair. I’m not saying to cut the curls all off but at least trim it. His hair is out of control.

  • Anonymous

    Really cute kid but high time for a trim.

  • Anonymous

    Isnt he is the cutiest kid ever! imagine if this couple have a daughter she be beautiful

  • alyson

    Lord, he needs a haircut! Cute kid, but messy hair. Gonna be hot in the summer. lol

  • Joya

    Average looking. In my opinion, he is not that cute.

    • Annika

      Seriously. Was your comment necessary?

      • Joya

        Yes it was. Problems with that? I called him average looking and he’s still average looking in my opinion. I didn’t call him ugly, but he is not the cutest kid I’ve ever seen. Live with it.

      • Haley

        Sorry 2 say, but I actually agree with Joya. He is not ugly and he is also not cute. Sorry but that is just my opinion. You can’t change her and my mind.

  • Anonymous

    He is adorable but agree his hair looks disgusting and unhygienic

  • Lau

    No way, this kid has the most gorgeous hair in the world!
    I hope they only trim it a bit for him when they think it’s necessary, and not cut it much shorter! Unless Hank himself wants that, of course.

  • Ondine

    Couldn’t someone brush or comb this boy’s hair for him?

  • Anonymous

    Kendra said on her reality show that she didn’t want to cut his hair because his hair this way made him look more “mixed”.

    • Joya

      Not look more mixed. She said, He is mixed, I want him to look mixed.
      Anyway Hank jr is only 1/4 black. His father Hank is biracial.

  • SMH

    I always said if they had a daughter she would come out with poker straight hair lol!! Hank is adorable but agree hair is looking a bit out of control!!

  • Anony

    It’s sad that almost everyone says that he’s is so cute and that his hair fits him or that they should trim it, but when it comes to Bronx than it is like, OMG his hair looks like a mess, or not cute. Only because Hank IV is biracial and Bronx isn’t
    It’s stupid that people are comparing celeb kids, and that they call a child cute or not. LAME!!!

    • Anonymous

      I think anyone criticizing either kids’ hair is wrong. They’re both cute, and their hair is their hair. Nothing wrong with it. Just because ‘some’ people think it needs to be cut doesn’t make it so, it just makes them hypercritical.

    • Anonymous

      Bronx is also of mixed ethnicity. Pete Wentz is Hawaiian, native american, and white.

  • Anonymous9

    I’ve got the same hair as little Hank, and if they don’t trim it a bit soon, they’re going to start finding stuff buried in it. Once it gets out of hand, you’ve got to cut it pretty short and I know they don’t want to do that.

  • Anonymous

    Kendra said on her reality show that she loved her son blond curls and wanted to keep them as long as possible because it made him more adorable.

  • Anon

    Baby Hank is a cutie & there is nothing wrong with his hair. If his parents and him are not bothered by his hair then each to their own. Btw whenever i see Baby Hank i am reminded of Wentworth Miller (similar ethnic background).

  • Olivia

    Why do some people think that he NEEDS a haircut? That is society’s rules not nature’s.
    He has an adorable face, but it is the wild hair that takes his cuteness to new levels. If his hair was too neat I think he wouldn’t appear as cute, but of course still cute!

  • Anonymous

    that kid has the coolest hair, not like every other boring boys short haircut that you see on 100 kids…boring, i love this kids hair asnd hes super cute!

  • Anonymous


    • Qbert


  • Anonymous

    if you are going to leave his hair long. at least put some product in it and use a brush. he looks so unkempt with his wild hair. kind of like the jolie-pitt kids.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, by all means, add some chemicals to your toddler’s hair. That seems smart.


  • a non

    Her nose grew during pregnancy? Is that possible??

  • Jun

    Kendra make baby beautiful

  • Anonymous

    At first I though it’s a GIRL! 🙂

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