Kelsey Grammer & Kayte Walsh: New York Stroll

Kelsey Grammar and his pregnant wife Kayte Walsh took a stroll in the West Village neighborhood of New York City on Sunday (May 13). The 32-year-old – who is expecting twins – wore a long maxi dress with silver sandals.

Grammar, 57, had on white shorts and a V-neck shirt. His new tattoo of Kayte’s name couldn’t be seen since it’s inked on his hip.

The former flight attendant has been pregnant before but she miscarried.

Grammar said back in January at the Golden Globes, “I’m really looking forward to meeting these new arrivals, fatherhood’s always different, based upon the character that comes into your life. They arrive and tell you what you have to do.”

He also has two children with Camille Grammar, Mason, 10, and Jude, 7.

Besides living in New York City – they will be having a home in Beverly Hills. The Boss star just bought a $6.5 million mansion – near Camille.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    I cannot think of anything less appealing than a tattoo on Kelsey Grammer’s hip.

  2. Anonymous

    Have you guys seen his tattoo? It’s really… feminine. Like, the placing. It’s weird.

  3. Anonymous

    He should come out of the closet already. The charade with the new wife is odd. She’s either a moron or willfully ignorant. Can’t decide which is worse…

  4. Anonymous

    sideshow Bob
    this is what his 4th wife ?

  5. Markie

    Anonymous or Annika

    Are you in hosptial ward or in prison hospital ward ?

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