Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky Stroll With Baby India

Chris Hemsworth carried newborn India Rose while walking with his wife Elsa Pataky in London, England on Wednesday (May 16). Their families also went along for the stroll.

The 28-year-old Avengers star and Pataky would give little peeks to the baby – who was born on May 11.

Chris, 28, had explained the name to E! News.

I always kind of liked Indie or Indiana for a boy, and she liked India. We sort of went, ‘Oh well, whether it’s a boy or girl, that will decide.’ It just seemed to fit.”

In another interview with the channel he also talked about the parenting tips they received.

He shared, “People, as they give you advice, they end with: ‘By the way, nothing will prepare you, so good luck!'”

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  1. Anonymous

    Is it just me or is that baby way to young, and small, to be carried around like that? Shouldn’t she be in a stroller, seat or carrier? That just seems so dangerous.

  2. Lesley

    I’m no mother, but isn’t it bad to have your baby out in public at FIVE days old?

  3. Anonymous

    When you have a baby, you know when you are ready to leave the house with them. For me it was 9 days with my first, and 4 days with my second. And as for them needing to be in a stroller/carrier, that’s nonsense! She is being held by her Father, who as a first time Dad, is probably being VERY careful and protective.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m sure they are more than capable of carrying their child around. There is no set age for a baby to go out in to the public. On the contrary, it would be better for the baby, as it helps to build their immune systems.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow… Clearly never had kids of your own… It can be dangerous for babies (esp newborns who have almost no head control) to be stuck in seats, etc.

    And 5 days old… Who cares. Good for them I say!

  6. Anonymous

    Her daddy is big & strong, doubt that baby India will get hurt!! Chris looks like he can’t keep his eyes off of his lil girl, Too Cute!!!

  7. Anonymous

    I was the first poster. My comment was more the fact that it’s easy to trip and fall while carrying a child and one so young I’d think would be more easily injured and more likely to receive more serious injuries from a fall. I didn’t say that the father wasn’t being careful or that it was too early to bring the baby out. My parents took me out when I was 3 days old. So I really don’t care about that. It just always makes me nervous when someone carries a baby so young on a hard sidewalk with so many dangers. Anyone can trip but babies can’t protect themselves from hitting a hard surface.

    • Anonymous

      If all parents thought the way you do, no one would ever leave their padded room. They’re not hanging her from a balcony, driving without a car seat, letting her ride a bike without a helmet. Do you even realize what you sound like, wondering about the safety of their child while they’re WALKING DOWN THE STREET. Seriously? Do you never take your child up and down stairs because it’s just too DaNgErOuS?

  8. Alexa

    She is looking great and happy, but it is kind of evident they did not like being photographed … I can understand why.

  9. Anonymous

    You people are so rude. It’s sad how some people can get such joy out of sitting at their computer bashing other people they do not know. I understand the first person’s comment very clearly. She was OBVIOUSLY worried about hazards of tripping and dropping the baby while holding it. It doesn’t matter if someone is being super careful or just “walking down the street.” People can and do trip and holding such a tiny baby will cause more harm to the baby. I should know from experience. I myself thought I was being very careful holding my own newborn while I walked across the street to a neighbor’s home. The smallest of rocks was in the road and I did trip and I did fall with my child, who ended up with a broken arm. So, stop being so darn rude to people with questions like that and just either move on if you don’t like it or answer with a better attitude. Anything can happen whether you’re careful or not. God forbid any of you bash someone on here for asking a question and then it ends up happening to you.

  10. Denym

    Ugh shame they had a girl, I love the name Indiana for a boy.

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