Charlize Theron: “I Never Knew I Needed That Little Sleep”

Charlize Theron talks about juggling life as a single mother and having a rough childhood to Britain’s The Sun. On raising 6-month-old Jackson – she admits she gets little sleep.

She says, “I’ve never felt more creative and with more energy but on the tiniest amount of sleep. I never knew I needed that little sleep. I always had eight hours and now it’s, ‘Wow, OK, you can function on just four’. But Jackson is great. I’ve always been very aware of balance and, even before I had a child, my life always takes priority to my work.”

The 36-year-old adds, “I feel very blessed that I have this job but my job is not my life. I’m really lucky that I get to go and do this but my life is pretty kick-ass and I take real priority in that.”

As a child in South Africa Charlize said it was a “devastating” experience.

My early childhood was quite devastating. I had no teeth until I was 11. I had these fangs because I had jaundice when I was a kid and I was put on so many antibiotics that my teeth rotted. They had to cut them out. So I never had milk teeth. That was tough, you know, being in school having photos taken while I was pretending I had teeth. It was hideous.”

The Snow White And The Huntsman star also endured the trauma of having her mother Gerda shoot dead her alcoholic father in self-defense when she was fifteen. Her experiences have made her have an honest outlook on life.

The actress says, “You know, girls don’t wake up with lip gloss on. And I don’t ever think about it as ugly versus pretty. There’s a lot of movie people out there that I can’t relate to. Sometimes when I go to the movies I watch those people and I don’t know them, I didn’t grow up with them, they’re not my friends, they’re not me.”

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  • Anonymous

    The Sun? As in the red top rag, The Sun? Holy cr*p, she isn’t very selective about who she gives interviews to, is she? I guess if you have a movie to promote you do what you have to do.

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