Kevin Costner: “I Know How Lucky I Am”

Academy Award winner Kevin Costner has been fairly private with his personal life and feelings, however, the 57-year old recently opened up to about his family and relationship with the late Whitney Houston.

The actor – who is married to handbag designer Christine Baumgartner – felt a need to share his feelings about his Bodyguard co-star when she died earlier this year. “It’s unusual to watch the world talking about someone that you have a fairly unique relationship with,” the Tin Cup star shared. “It’s almost surreal. This little drumbeat began: You need to say something.”

On Costner’s eulogy to Houston: “I started [speaking] with the idea that sometimes what you think life will be it won’t be at all, and about what was real between Whitney and me, what we talked about—being in church when we were little, both getting in trouble, about our not wanting to be preachers. … I wanted to impart a bit of the Whitney that I knew, and maybe people could think about her in a different way.”

On whether or not Costner could sense the burden Houston may have felt: “Oh, yes. I tried to identify it in my eulogy. … I think about Whitney a little bit the way I think about the Kennedy’s. I know there’s trouble, but I choose to think about a lot of other stuff. The trouble is as real as the achievement, but it does not tarnish it.”

On Costner’s feelings about his family and prayer: “When I see my children, and when I see the people who value me, I know how lucky I am. … And so I give thanks for the life I’ve lived. I want to live forever, and I know I won’t. I’m not afraid of dying. I’m only afraid of one thing: not being able to raise my kids. When I pray, that’s what I pray for—that I be the one who raises Grace, Hayes, and Cayden.”

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The country/rock singer has seven children – Annie, 28, Lily, 25, Joe, 24, Liam, 16, Cayden, 5, Hayes, 3 and Grace, almost 2.

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