Tony Romo: Hawkins Has Strengthened Our Marriage

Tony Romo says his marriage to Candice Crawford has strengthened ever since she gave birth to Hawkins last month.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback tells People, “If it’s possible to bring you and your wife closer together, something like this really does. It strengthens your family values and your family and the love you have, which is already really strong. It’s been a great blessing from God to put us in this situation. We feel very honored.”

Being away from his newborn son is “definitely hard” and he’s grateful Candice is supportive.

If you get a great wife who understands the demands of someone in athletics, I think that’s important. I was lucky enough to find someone like that. She’s a great mom and a great wife. It’s been fun just hanging out with her and my son. It’s been exciting.”

He also shared what Hawkins has already accomplished

He said, “You want to see everything. At 3 weeks old, we were having him lay down, and we put him on the floor. And all of a sudden he just rolled himself right over. That was pretty neat to see.”

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  • Marfle

    You can’t make that kind of statement when your son is just a baby. Kids grow up and so are the challenges, and that’s when you realize if your relationship with your spouse is getting stronger or weaker.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right. He can’t possibly know what makes his relationship better or worse. Surely an anonymous internet troll who has never set eyes on either one of them is a MUCH better judge.

      • Anonymous

        LOL, amen!

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