Lisa Loeb: Lyla Is Pretty Verbal

Pregnant singer Lisa Loeb says she and her husband Roey Hershkovitz waited a little while before telling their daughter Lyla, 2 1/2, that she was getting a sibling.

She tells OK!, “We explained that she was going to be a big sister and that we were having a baby. We talk about it and also read books about becoming a big sister. We’ve tried to emphasize the ‘we’ and not the ‘I’ of the situation to keep everyone involved. Our daughter is pretty verbal, and so far she’s done well.”

Lisa also noted that Lyla does “so many funny things.”

We’ve started talking a lot about rhymes, and she likes to find names of kids in her school to rhyme, like ‘Chloe and Zoe.’ Lyla also notices lots of details. For example, she saw that there were googly eyes glued on some carrots in a book we have about the Rainbow of Food you can eat, and she said, ‘Mommy, those carrots are funny- they have eyes!’”

As for having a husband a decade younger than her – the 44-year-old says it doesn’t make much of a difference.

She said, “The age difference is not something that I think about very often. Sometimes we have a couple of different music references, but we like a lot of the same music, so that doesn’t play into our relationship much either.”

Due in June – Lisa admits nothing has really been a surprise since she became a parent in her early 40’s.

The Silly Sing-Along author shares, “I can’t really think of anything that has been a surprise due to becoming a parent later in life, other than the fact that I’ve only joined a lot of the rest of the world in becoming a parent. It’s an entire universe that I wasn’t very aware of until I became a parent.”

In an interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop last month – Lisa was coy on revealing the baby’s gender.

She said, “I do know the gender of the baby and we have some names we’re thinking about, but my husband and I are keeping those details to ourselves at the moment.”

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