Noah Wyle: My Son Approved Of Me Being Arrested

Noah Wyle says his 9-year-old son Owen was supportive of him getting arrested at a protest in Washington D.C. last month. The actor and around 100 ADAPT members were cuffed while voicing their opinions on preventing Medicaid cuts.

The Falling Skies star explained to People, “I did talk to my son after I got released early the next morning. I called him before school, and I explained what happened and that I was okay. (I) kind of explained it in as simple terms as possible, and I thought I was going on a little bit too long and I may have lost him, but as soon as I stopped talking, he just jumped in and said, ‘I think you did the right thing, Dad.’ ”

The 40-year-old actor shared, “It brought tears to my eyes then, and it does now thinking about it. It was great.”

He did warn Owen, his 6-year-old daughter Auden and his ex-wife Tracy that he might get in trouble with the police.

Wyle said, “It’s a pretty complex issue to try to explain to a 6- and a 9-year-old. You think about stupid things. ‘I’ve got to bring my driver’s license, but I don’t want to bring my wallet. I want to bring 100 dollars, but I don’t want to bring too much extra cash,’ little things like that. ‘Don’t carry your pocket knife today.’ ”

Adds the former ER star, “We should have brought food!”

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  • Anonymous

    His son doesn’t approve of the arrest, he approves of his fathers actions of standing up for his beliefs and peacefully protesting for a social issue. Word your headlines so they actually describe the truth of the story, stop fishing with ambiguous and inaccurate statements.

  • Lou x

    Aaw…sounds like he’s got a good ‘un there.
    I like that Noah is supporting this cause! I do think the headline is slightly misleading in that is makes it sound as though his son was proud of him doing something negative,rather that that he supported his dad in standing up for a cause,or is that just me?!

  • Anonymous

    Nice halo around his head!

  • Anonymous

    He’s got such an ugly nose.

  • JP

    ….16as if a 9-yr-old understands what he means. Why do celebs always do stuff and then say my “(young) child approves/suggested this”?

  • Anonymous9

    Yes, I’m sure that little Owen has a full understanding of medicaid funding, variable tax rates and the impact on the economy’s recovery as a whole. Certainly Owen wouldn’t have voiced support for something he doesn’t actually understand simply because he could tell that Dad supported it. A kid would never do that.

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