Happy 12th Birthday Roan Bronstein!

Name: Roan Joseph Bronstein

Date of Birth: May 22, 2000

Parents: Sharon Stone & Phil Bronstein

Siblings: Laird, 7, & Quinn, 5, & three other siblings from his father’s current marriage


  • Roan was born in Texas
  • He was adopted by his parents when he was only a week old
  • His name is the Celtic form for “sea”
  • His middle name is in honor of his maternal grandfather
  • His parents divorced when he was younger and he quickly became the center of a bitter custody battle
  • The judge in the custody hearing criticized Stone for overreacting to Roan’s health issues, “refus[ing] to participate in the counseling . . . designed entirely to help her son” and being unwilling to make changes in her lifestyle to accommodate Roan’s needs—even once requesting that a meeting with Roan’s teachers and doctors be taped instead of attending herself
  • In the end, Sharon lost custody of Roan and he was sent to live full time with his father in the San Francisco area


“I had taken a couple of years off to become a mother and for health reasons — more time than I had planned. I was getting more used to hearing ‘Mom, Mom’ than ‘Sharon, Sharon!'” – Sharon on taking a break from work after she adopted Roan.

“She’s a great mama,” says Sharon’s sister Kelly, 49. “I was there the other day when they were going to bed and they were so cute. I said, ‘I don’t know how you do it.’ I always thought that I would want to be the mom, and I just think now, she’s such a good mom, and I could never do it.” – Sharon’s sister Kelly on Sharon’s mothering abilities.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    it’s crazy he’s adopted. he looks exactly like her.

  • Marfle

    I wonder why she adopted only boys and no girls.

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