Kendra Wilkinson’s Son Hank Has A Hair Raising Experience

Television personality Kendra Wilkinson and her NFL playing hubby Hank Baskett‘s sweet son Hank Baskett IV was spotted enjoying the sun at Brandon’s Village park with his grandmother in Calabasas, Calif. on Monday (May 21).

After a quick jaunt down the slide, it looks like Hank’s curly locks picked up some static electricity along the way!

It looks like Kendra has another reality TV program coming out titled Kendra On Top, which she claims will accurately portray the real Kendra.

The former Playboy pinup states she wants to be an empowering role model to women, which is why she opted to leave her longtime E! network and board the WE TV network.

“WE TV represents women and empowering women, and I am so very happy to be a part of all that because I feel like it is time,” she reveals. ” I’m a woman now and it is time to break out of that shell and have fun and show everyone that it is okay to be a working mom and wife and still step out and be hot.”

“It’s like the book 50 Shades of Grey,” she adds. “I think my show has a similar theme to that.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. F.A.J

    Lil’Hank is SOOOOOO ADORABLE. He does need a little trim, but look at his gorgeous face WOW

  2. Janna

    So cute! Reminds me of those electricity balls from science class that would make your hair stand up straight!

  3. Anonymous

    He’s beautiful, but in my opinion he needs a haircut.

  4. Anonymous

    poor kid.
    if he had styled hair he would be cute.
    but look terribly unkempt !!!!

  5. Anonymous

    He’s a beautiful child but that hair is becoming a joke already.

  6. Anonymous

    I know I saw on her reality show where she didnt want to cut his hair because she wanted him to look more “mixed” but she doesn’t have to let it look like a rats nest to prove her point.

  7. Anonymous

    Viva the ugly grandmas! They are stil here to cut peoples hair and i wish them to cut their own hair too and with her their heads together. Cheers, Grandmas!

  8. Anonymous

    This reminds me of Kate Hudson’s son Ryder with his long hair!

  9. Anonymous

    Kendra said in her reality show that she didn’t want to cut his hair because she loved his blond curls. She would never describe her child as “mixed”like a dog she loves her son too much for that.

  10. SMH

    I wouldn’t cut it off but def give it a trim and maintain its frizz. He’s so freakin cute!

  11. Jen

    He’s soooo cute! Omg I love these pics…hilarious!!

  12. Ellen

    He’s just the cutest thing in the world, isn’t he? ♥

  13. Anonymous

    I feel sorry for all the people here who see this child and the first thought in their mind…. is a negative one. How sad for you.

  14. Anonymous

    Aww, that’s something to put in their photo album.

  15. Anonymous

    Hee hee- so cute! Wonder if he’s crazy- my curly headed boy sure is wild, and so are all his curly headed friends- we have a theory that all the curls are the crazy growin’ out! He’s a good looking boy!

  16. Anonymous

    Kendra used the word MIXED and you would know that too if you watched her show. Lots of people use the word mixed for biracial children and there is nothing wrong with that. So for the idiots who think its just for canines, well you’re just that….an idiot.

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