Molly Sims Feels Big & Uncomfortable

Mom-to-be Molly Sims has been making pregnancy look rather effortless, but she admits that she’s officially entered the “uncomfortable” stage of things.

“You get big and you get uncomfortable,” the model and actress tells US. “You start thinking that at any moment you might go into labor even though you know it’s not true.”

With the big day approaching, Molly has been thinking about a birth plan, but she says she’s still not sure whether she’ll go for an epidural or not.

“I’m going to see. I’ve asked a lot of questions and my doctor, Dr. Michelle Hakakha, wrote this great book called Expecting 411,” the 38-year-old beauty reveals. “She’s fantastic and [she said], ‘Listen, there’s no award or medal at the end of this.’ She doesn’t want me to feel guilty if I end up doing the epidural. It’s like, ‘Just wait until you feel that first contraction. At seven centimeters, it’s rough.'”

It sounds like the dad-to-be may also need a birth plan in place: “We did our first birthing class the other day… I swear to god I thought he was going to faint!” Molly laughs of her husband Scott Stuber.

The pair, who tied the knot last September, are expecting a baby boy.

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  1. denise

    You look beautiful. Best of Luck

  2. denise

    You look beautiful. Best of Luck

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