Nia Long On Her “Rebirth” After Motherhood

Experiencing motherhood for the second time since the birth of her son Kez Sunday in November, actress Nia Long tells, “I am the happiest that I’ve been probably in my life.”

Already mom to 11-year-old son Massai, the Third Watch star says that having a new baby around has helped her to see the world in a whole new way.

“Baby Kez Sunday has given me a bit of a rebirth and it’s really nice because I’m able to look at life through his eyes. You have to pay attention to the smallest thing from the birds chirping to the dog barking across the street. These are the things that make the world go around today. When you look at life in its simplest form, stress and worry isn’t the cornerstones of your life. Experiencing life through that lens is refreshing.”

Enjoying life as a mom-of-two, Nia has been happy to focus on family rather than work these days. However, she says that her oldest son isn’t ready for her to retire just yet!

“My 11-year-old is running the show. He’s like ‘Mum, when are you making another movie?’ I’m a true believer that good work finds you and I hope that I’ve established enough of a career of myself that when they want Nia Long they’ll find Nia Long.”

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    She is gorgeous and her little guy is so adorable

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    i agree

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