Snooki: I’ve Gained 15 Pounds In My Boobs!

While many women quickly gain weight during their pregnancies, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi claims she’s only 15 pounds over her regular weight and it’s all in her chest.

“They’re huge!” the Jersey Shore alum – who is expecting a baby boy this September with Jionni LaValle – tells In Touch magazine.

Although she may voice complaints that her swelling chest is painful, especially at night, Snooki swears her breasts will be the key secret to shedding the baby weight after her son arrives.

“I heard breast-feeding hurts, but it will help me bounce right back,” she says. “Then, I want to get a boob job!”

The reality television star – who claims that she plans to gain only 25 pounds during her pregnancy – is trying to stay healthy by eating bagels, turkey burgers and salads for meals.

“The baby weight will just drop off!” Snooki says, confident she will slim down quickly to her 98 pound pre-baby body.

Read more from Snooki in this week’s issue of In Touch on newsstands now.

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Photo credit: In Touch Magazine


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  1. Anonymous

    What is the fascination with this person? She looks foolish.

  2. a non

    Wait, breastfeeding benefits the baby, too? Cool!

  3. Anonymous

    Ugh. I never thought a pregnant woman could look so gross.

  4. Anonymous

    She comes across as being a complete idiot.

  5. Anonymous

    Spending time bashing another human being that you don’t even know says a lot about who you people are.

  6. Autre

    She looks like the girl you see modeling cheap Halloween costumes on the packaging photos.
    She wants to get a boob job after having a baby? Sounds like she doesn’t plan to spend much time bonding with her baby, just using it to lose weight so she can go back to partying.
    What an uncouth girl, she doesn’t deserve a baby. It’s disappointing and worrisome that she is bearing the responsibility of raising a person.

  7. Anonymous

    I really don’t understand why this girl is famous.
    And did she really weighted 98 pounds before getting pregnant? Doubt it!

  8. Anonymous

    She dose look gross not because she pregnant but because of the nasty wive and orange fake tan and if were trash for talking about her then she trash for talking about how Jessica Simpson look when she was pregnant.

    ” they dumb her up for tv and entertainment” ya right then why dosen’t she sound any smarter in her interviews or twitter?

  9. a non

    Not sure, but I think they dumb her down for TV and not up. Wait — you might be right!

  10. No Name Jane

    You sound as bright as Snooki. If she doesn’t want criticism, she should go the F away.

  11. Alexa

    It is healthy to gain 35ibs too. Keep eating healthy and do not worry if you gain over the 25ibs. She may just be setting oneself up for failure if she really needs to gain more weight for a healthy baby.

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