Will Smith & Family: Lookin’ Funky At ‘Men In Black 3’ Premiere

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and their children, Jaden, 13, and Willow, 11, showed up at the premiere of Men in Black 3 at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City on Wednesday (May 23).

The family are known for dressing funky. Willow wore a Nightmare on Elm Street shirt under a white with black trimmed jacket. Her mom was more elegant in a black dress with plunging neckline.

The 43-year-old actor recently told Shortlist magazine that his kids are savvy when it comes to fame.

He said, “Do I worry about Willow and Jaden? No, they were born into that world. They’re on the internet all the time, so they know the game. They know where to go, what to say. They’re far more savvy.”

Of course there are going to be things that are hurtful and self-esteem issues, like we all have, but I grew up in a neighborhood where I saw a guy get shot and take nine bullets to the chest, so Hollywood is a far safer experience than where I grew up.”

As for work – Will says he’s been at home more working on production projects.

He said, “Willow’s doing her music and whipping her hair, Jaden’s got a TV show. And daddy’s been sort of producing at home. But everyone’s really ready for daddy to go back to work now.”

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  1. Anonymous

    You are A Nightmare. good call on that shirt
    Will n Jada celebrity parenthood double eye roll @@ @@
    ” Do I worry about Willow and Jaden ? ( narcissistic parents who named their spawn after themselves ) No they were born into that world. They are on the internet all the time ( they may be reading this ! ) so they know the game ( they are 13 and 11 years OLD ! ) they know where to go . what to say. They are far to savvy.” They are 13 and 11 years OLD !
    celebrity parenthood …

  2. NYC Mommy

    Family looks like they are heading to a costume party. Mom as Mortica Adama, Dad as Band Leader from a Late Night Talk Show, Jaden as Ricko Suave and Willow as a mixed bag of tricks including ripper punk rock leggings, Little girl patent leather mary janes, a Freddy Krueger shirt and a hip hop hat

  3. Anonymous

    Those kids are so annoying. I can’t stand the look on jaden’s face. Kids who think they know a lot about the world don’t know anything. And who dresses like that at 11! I don’t think the road ahead of these kids will lead to very good things

  4. Anonymous

    what’s up with this kid and Bieber, who think, if they wrinkle their forehead and make that puppy look, they look cool

  5. Anonymous

    Why does Jaden always have the oblique eyebrows? He’s always pulling that same puppy dog face… in every single picture. I wouldn’t recognize the kid with his eyes open all the way.

  6. SMH

    I don’t get why Jaden makes that tough guy face. Someone better explain to him about premature wrinkles do to facial expressions.

    If Willow has anything going for her it would be her smile. Jaden should try it sometime.

  7. Anonymous

    I couldn’t help but snort seeing Jayden pull that face yet again. Not a good look.
    I expect Willow hasn’t seen Nightmare on Elm Street either, so silly when kids wear shirts of bands/films they’ve never even heard of/seen.

  8. Anonymous

    This family take themselves waaaaaaay to seriously. Fame got to their heads!
    Why can’t they smile like everyone else without that hollywood look?

  9. JennyG

    At first glance, I thought someone had added Freddy Krueger to the picture after it had been taken. He totally photo-bombed that picture.

  10. Anonymous

    The kids dress like clowns. That isn’t fashion, it’s stupid.

  11. Anonymous

    I really like Jada’s dress but maybe not the see through skirt as much.

  12. Anonymous

    What has anyone in this family ever done to any of you?

    My God, you people are just vicious.

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