Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman’s Little Walker

Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman’s son Skyler is walking on his own! Wearing checked pants, a cream sweater with a white shirt, and white shoes – the 1-year-old looked confident as he made his way across the parking lot.

However Skyler ended up getting fussy and the celebrity stylist needed help from her husband and nanny.

The tot always looks fashionable on outings. The Rachel Zoe Project star has admitted she loves dressing up her little boy. She once told InStyle it was easier to style him than some of her celebrity clients.

She said, “‘Every minute I have to buy things for my son. It is too much fun. It is like dressing a live doll. He has no opinion.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Anonymous

    HAHA! I handle TWO (almost 2 yo and almost 6 mo) by myself every day without a nanny or stylist or buddy that she always seems to have around or without my husband (who is busy working)…try it sometime Rachel, it’s tough yes but not as hard as it seems!

    By the way, you dress your kid a little too prissy. He’s going to look back on these pics and be pissed at you!

    • Anonymous

      “By the way, you dress your kid a little too prissy. He’s going to look back on these pics and be pissed at you!”

      Yeah, because that never happens to anyone who’s not a celebrity.


      • Anonymous

        So true, good point!

    • musiclover

      That is one of the joys of having a baby, you get to dress them how you want. I dressed my son totally preppy until he let me know that he wanted to have a say in the way he dressed. He’s a pretty laid back kid, so he was probably about 11 before he said anything.

      • Anonymous

        He’s not dressed preppy. He’s dressed prissy. There is a difference. Preppy is Mason Disick. Skyler is dressed like little miss priss. If he ends up straight it will be a miracle.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, see, here’s the amazing thing – whether a kid grows up to be gay or straight has nothing to do with how they’re dressed. You can’t make a kid turn gay by dressing him a certain way. And even if you could, so what? There’s nothing wrong with being gay. I’d rather my kid were gay than an @sshole like you.

          • Anonymous

            I never said there was anything wrong with being gay and I doubt his parents will care if he’s gay or not. Rodger doesn’t dress masculine so I doubt he cares if his son is. Skyler looks like a big gay baby. Nothing wrong with that. Not sure why you’re so offended by it?? I’m not.

          • Anonymous

            You’re using “gay” as a slur. That is offensive. Saying “nothing wrong with that” doesn’t change how you’re using the word. You are clearly implying that there is in fact something wrong with it.

          • Anonymous

            NO. I did not. There is nothing wrong with being gay and there is nothing wrong with saying that “there is nothing wrong with being gay”. I didn’t use slurs and I don’t have a problem with gays what. so. ever.
            Get over yourself!

    • KatieG

      Well, you are clearly a much better parent than she is.

      {Happy? Is that what you wanted?}

      • Anonymous

        The writer was making a comment about how she needed help from ywo people to handle her “fussy” baby. I was merely saying that she could have handled it herself.

        • Anonymous

          And just because the person who wrote the post said she “needed” help doesn’t make it true. The writer has no idea what’s actually going on in the lives of these people and neither do you.

          But congratulations on being a sanctimonious @ass. If only we could all be as perfect as you.

          • Anonymous

            Wow you really get off on being a total bitch huh? You take things WAAAY too seriously.

  • ER

    Skyler is a gorgeous little boy.

    Zoe, I don’t think those shoes fit. I love her effort in the last photo, priceless! 😛

  • Pippa

    He is so cute. She has those sandals on again. . .her toes are hangin’ over the edge. Those look so uncomfortable…. not the height, but the way her foot slips down and her toes are gripping the front edge. I’ve had a pair like that before. Took ’em back. Im sure she could care less. Anything for fashion.

  • educate

    Too sweet and so funny! He wants to walk but he probably did not want those shoes1 Hello Skylar, cutie patootie, your mommy wants you to stay a baby and you are not having it! Poor Rachel they grow so quickly and once walking they stop hearing you!

  • Anonymous

    Serio why a nanny with one toddler? this is hilarious, wtahcing two people put shoes on a baby! – shoes which are for babies who are crawling – they are not even first walking shoes.
    The mother looks as though she can’t cope- thats what happens when you have such a easy life eh? don’t understand why people like her have kids- i mean seriously- how degrading taking a nanny out with u when u have your hubby with you :s

  • Scooter

    Rodger is looking more and more like Chaz Dean. I’ve never seen a straight dude carry a man purse like that.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, lots of misinformation around here. If I was Skyler in 15 years, I’d be more insulted by internet strangers saying I looked “prissy,” than the fact that my parents dressed me to reflect their own taste.

    Also, soft shoes are actually recommended for tots who are starting to walk. It allows natural movement of the feet.

    I don’t follow Rachel’s career, but I think Skyler is a striking boy. So ethereal.

    • Anonymous

      Looking “prissy” is an insult?

  • Anonymous

    That is not a regular shirt on that kid. It’s an undershirt. I never let my kids go around in their underwear in public!!

  • anony

    Umm– As far as this little guys clothes–boring, boring, boring. And I just never really understand anyone-none the less a mom of a toddler wearing heels. How can you play in the playground , run after a toddler if mom is dressed like that? I think Rachel is fun to watch. And I think that is what she is all about. All three of them are more like cartoons than actual people.

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