Gavin Rossdale Refuses To Speak To Daisy Lowe’s Mother

Gavin Rossdale is reportedly not talking to the mother of his 23-year-old daughter Daisy Lowe. In an interview with Easy Living Pearl Lowe explains that she let Daisy take a DNA test when she was 14 to establish that he was the father. Gavin was against her decision.

As a result the Bush singer – who has Kingston, 6, and Zuma, 3, with Gwen Stefani – has refused to speak to her since she made the revelation public.

He and Pearl had a five-year relationship in the late 1980’s while she was married to fertility specialist Bronner Handwerger.

Pearl tells the mag, ”While Daisy and I are close, things haven’t always been easy. It was a bit hairy for six months when I told her I suspected her father was the musician Gavin Rossdale.Gavin told me if Daisy, then 14, had a DNA test, he’d never speak to me again and he’s kept his word. I lost him as a friend, but Daisy has a relationship with him, which is great.”

On finding out that Gavin was her real dad and not Mr. Handwerger Daisy said, “[It was] a very interesting time. That age is when you’re at your most malleable; you’re developing frontal lobes. But I’m very proud of those times, ‘cos at those moments when the s*** hits the fan I could either go out and get really f***** up or I could go home, cry myself to sleep and wake up in the morning and give my mum a big cuddle, and feel better. And face it head on.”

In 2010 – Daisy explained she got along with Gavin stating, “I now have a really good relationship with my father. It’s been blossoming for the past year but it really happened over Christmas. We got to spend time together. He’s got two beautiful kids who I really adore and his wife is gorgeous.”

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  • Anonymous

    wow, this guy has some major issues. being an a… seems to be one of them.

    • anonymous

      Pearl Lowe was a drug addicted who–, who used throughout her pregnancies. She kept Daisy’s paternity a secret until Gavin was about to marry Gwen. Talk about being immature and manipulative. At about the same time she was releasing a clothing line and pimped out her daughter being Gavin’s to garner publicity for her line. An opportunistic piece of manure. I wouldn’t speak to her either.

  • Danielle

    wow very mature of him…not!

  • Anonymous

    refuses to talk to the mother of his child
    he should have put a condom on it and she was a married woman at the time
    I remember reading this came at about the same time he was marrying Gwen and it was a huge surprise to her that he father’ed another woman’s child
    he should put a condom on it

    • Anonymous

      And she could take a pill too, seeing as she’s a married woman who is cheating on her husband. Quite a selfish whore who not only hurt Gavin but her daughter and Gwen too.

  • Anonymous

    it must just be me, but i seem to think the issue isn’t that he is daisy’s father, but that her mother chose to go public with it. there really wasn’t a need for it to be made so public. and it should’ve been gavin and daisy’s decision when/if it did go public.

  • Anonymous

    She made the information public. I don’t blame him at all for not speaking to her and so what if he’s not. It’s nice though that he has a relationship with his daughter, anyway.

  • gemmalady

    She made someone she suspected to be her childs father her godfather and didnt tell him for 14years, I wouldnt speak to her either lol

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget….. he KNEW that she was married when he boinked her! He has no right to go all “high and mighty” on her now. So what, that’s what the business of show is. At least it got him some publicity. He hasn’t had much since. The next will be he and Gwen’s divorce debacle.

  • Anonymous

    I agree it didn’t have to go public. And he could also be mad that she kept a child a secret from him for 14 years, dna test or not.

  • SMH

    From what I have read in the past and who knows what is true and what isn’t. Apparently he questioned whether he was the father or not and Pearl kept telling him he was not. So I think he always knew deep down he was but I guess things were cival and his career was takin off and maybe he didn’t care to know one way or another. I heard he had a great relationship with Daisy up until the DNA test was revealed then the crap hit the fan. She didn’t want to talk to him either bc I guess she felt betrayed that he never wanted to know the truth.
    With things like this it’s hard to forget but you have to forgive and move on. Life is too short to think about what could have been. Enough hurt has been done. I hope they have good relationship and I think for Gavin having it all publicized was what hurt the most. His daughter is grown so he doesnt have to have a relationship with her anymore and in a way I may not blame him for it. He seems to have grown and appears to be a good dad to his boys.

  • Anonymous

    He didn’t even want anything to do with Daisy for a few years until she was 18! What an ass.

  • Anonymous

    The point is that he has a relationship with Daisy now. Her mother wouldn’t have a purpose in Gavin’s life anyway. Daisy’s not 6 years old.

  • Anonymous

    He’s “not speaking to” the mother of his own child? Because she told his secret? What, is he 12? Really?

    1. The fact that he is her father should never have been a secret in the first place. If you father a child, you claim the child. Too bad if it gets in the way of your image or your new life.

    2. One of the most important ways in which a parent loves his/her child well is by loving their other parent well. He may not love her mother but she DOES love her mother and so when he hurts the child’s mother, he’s hurting the child. There is no excuse for putting an innocent child in the middle of a petty adult war.

    Dear Gavin, the minute you became a parent, life ceased to be about you. Man up, get over yourself, and take care of your responsibilities. Nobody cares if your delicate little feelings were hurt and this child’s mother was under no obligation to keep your dirty little secret. The child had a right to know her biological origin whether you wanted her to know or not. The fact that you think she had no right to know unless you said so, tells us all just how big of a tool you really are.

    • Anonymous

      OMG, you act as if you know ANYTHING about what went on with these people. Stop judging a situation you know next to nothing about.

  • Lo

    If he isn’t speaking to the mother of his ADULT child who kept the truth from him whilst the child was growing up, I don’t blame him….what a wench. Why does Pearl need to “speak” with Gavin? Apparently Daisy does & that’s the relationship that matters.
    Transparent Pearl wants to be relevant.

  • Anon.

    The only thing of importance here is that the child know who is their DNA parent for health reasons if nothing else. Beyond that infidelity, pride, or career reasoning is irrelevant.

  • Anonymous9

    Surprised that so many people think this should have been kept a secret. How’d you like to know that your father would rather you go away and shut up? Mature adults act in a mature fashion, and even if her mom isn’t your favorite person, even if this didn’t get handled the way you would have liked it to be handled, it damages your child to have parents who can’t even be in the same room. You had a five year relationship with this woman; there was something you liked about her, remember what it was and try not to make your kid’s life more complicated than it needs to be.

  • Anonymous

    What a moron.

  • cb

    This is an unfortunate case for the child, daughter of Pearl and Gavin. Gavin should help(from his own money only-not Gwen’s money) financially with Daisy. It is not fair to Daisy to find out later in her teens who her father is. Pearl should have had DNA testing right away if there were any doubts. While Gavin is not obligated to have a relationship with Daisy it would be moral to do so.Gwen has no obligation whatsoever to Daisy. She may not have married Gavin if she knew he fathered a child before she married him. Hopefully, everything will work out for all involved.

  • cb

    I will add it does no good to manipulate or connive to get the news out who the father of your child is. It only causes heartache, pain, and no trust for all involved. If Pearl thought she was going to get a ton of money by Gavin marrying Gwen she was sadly mistaken because the spouse of the parent has no financial obligation to the child; only the biological parent is obligated. Pearl, I hope you learned a hard lesson from this; at least be upfront and honest when you sleep with someone, become pregnant, and let them know they maybe the father so they have an opportunity to take responsiblity for the child!

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